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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thais Prime

Thain Republic insignia
As those who read about my Tactia Camaign Setting are aware, the Thain Republic is often cited as the beacon of hope, freedom, and civilized behavior in the Tactian world. While modern Thais is full of harmony and peace, with a rich, fair political structure and booming economy, it wasn't always that way. Like most nations, Thais faced its bumps and bruises in its development, and started like many other kingdoms of a day.

1000 years ago, the Thain Republic had not yet been born. It was dark times for the entire Thain continent - but none was more dark than the future beacon of light, Thais, or as it was once known: Thais Prime. Like most small kingdoms, Thais was born from an alliance of land-owning nobles, desiring better protection and power than the currently had. The most powerful of these nobles, Tibianus, eventually ascended to the "royal" throne, the king of the Thain Kingdom. Since then, Thais has prospered... At least, those who controlled it. While Thais did not have as much trouble with in-fighting nobles as other Kingdoms, it was far from pretty. The entire society was based upon exploitation. The King exploited the Nobles, who exploited the Peasants. The Priests, abused God to abuse the King (and the Nobles). In a sense, there was balance. But in another sense, utter chaos. Such lack of order could not possibly last. It was at this point where Thais was at the brink of revolution.

Map of Thais Prime, 500 AD
Notable locations:
  1. Thais Castle
  2. Thain Senate
  3. Frodo's Pub
  4. Guard Station
  5. Library
  6. Apartments / Inn
  7. Depot / Bank
  8. The Great Temple
  9. Armory
  10. Magician's Guild
  11. Temple of War
  12. Spiritkeep (Barracks)
  13. Docks / Shipyard
  14. Sanctuary Park
  15. Bazaar
  16. Outer Ranches

The above is how the old Thais Prime appeared 1000 years ago, or 500 AD. Unlike the united group of Terrans we see today, the Thais Kingdom of old was filled with segregation. The very city itself was carved into several distinct pieces. While the entire city was walled to help against invasion, inside the city, as you can see, unity is far from the goal. Thais Prime was separated into eight individual districts- which determined what that land could be used for, by who, and to what end.

The top left district of the city, cut off from the rest of Thai from the Thain River, was (and still is) known as the Royal district (Purple). It was here in which King Tibianus and his eventual heirs would live, ruling over Thais with an iron fist. Since the island the castle rests upon is elevated, the King can easily oversee virtually the entire city, and the surrounding countryside. Surrounding the Royal district, the King keeps the hands that do his bidding, the Governmental District (Pink). There, the centerpiece being the Senate building, elected nobles take care of petty incidents that the King not worry about, and advise the King when important decisions. Also there lives the town guards, who uphold the law created by the King and his nobles and keeps the order and loyalty from the Terran citizens living in the rest of the city.

Despite the unfortunate current state of leadership, Thais Prime was still the center of trade in its known world. Its largest district was its Market district (Light blue), located in the very center where each faction met. There, traders from around the world and from within barter their goods, services, and assistance. While some of the richer nobles could afford shops on one of the many pleasant Market district streets, most of the traders do business within the Great Bazaar. Next to the Market district lies the Business district (Gold). There, industry is at the heart. Not only does it contain the location of Thais' largest and most reliable bank and deposit boxes, it is also the home where many businessmen and craftsmen do their work before shipping the results to the Bazaar. Another location of note within this district is the Thais Shipyard, which would eventually aid the Thain Republic in developing their devastating Navy. And let's not forget about the Farming district (Dark green), where strong Thain agricultural tradition is carried out, supporting Thais Prime in all of its affairs.

Below the Business district lies the heart of old Thais philosophy, theology and religion: The Religious district (White). There, monks and clerics work up in their segregated ranks to beocme leaders in the Thain faith. Within the center of the Religious district lies the Great Temple, built by their Gods in a day, to serve as a reminder of their strength and control over the Thain people. According to Thain legend, the Thain Gods destined the Thai to become the greatest Kingdom there ever was. It is important for the Thai to gain favor form their God, for it is divine favor, not weapons, that win wars and earn territory. For that reason, the religious caste holds considerable power over the rest of Thai; over peasants, nobles, and even the King himself.

Even the residential areas in Thais Prime are segregated. While the rich can afford to live with luxury in large mansions within the Noble district (Red), once known as the Residential district, the poor and the peasants quickly found that they had little ways to secure jobs or shelter within a booming and inflated Thain economy. The King, "with all his grace" decided to remedy the problem, granting construction on the Sanctuary district (Yellow), which was to be originally used as temporary housing while the poorer of Thain society could get on their feat. Due to the cruel marketplace, little resources of the peasants, and discrimination in the workplace, however, very few would ever earn enough to escape it. The Sanctuary district became the Slums, a black mark on an otherwise beautiful Thai. Since it was in such bad condition and the living conditions were so poor, many Nobles prefer to pretend that it does not exist, thankful that the filth of the Peasant class could be contained in one, easy to forget about, location. Still, it was from this very district, where the citizens were becoming more and more restless about the current administration, that change was born.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nacho Simulation Football League 2

Just quick note on my blog... will be running my second Sim League using the AFS on FootballsFuture, an NFL forum I'm a member of. Follow/join/read the rules here.

Should be at the very least interesting!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Super Bowl NFL Predictions: The Final Battle

Well, I'm quite happy that the NFL is back to making sense for me. After a tough Divisonal playoffs round, I'm happy to say that I've redeemed myself in the Conference round. I nailed those predictions flawlessly - being right on both accounts getting the exact difference that the Packers would defeat the Bears and was two points off of the Steelers' victory over the Jets.But now, this leaves the hardest prediction I've had to make all season - who will win Super Bowl XLV? First my observations from last week:
  1. Jay Cutler has faced a lot of controversy after the Bears' 21-14 loss yesterday for people questioning his "heart" and "character". I'm no lover of Jay Cutler but c'mon, give the guy a break. No one was on the sidelines to know the extent of his injury and Lovie Smith has said multiple times after the game that the decision to bench Jay was the decision of the medics and training staff, not Jay's. I'm sure Jay Cutler wanted to be out there as much as anyone else to try to help the Bears get to the Super Bowl.
  2. Having said the above to defend Jay, his play in that game was beyond awful even before the injury. In the half he started, he led the Bears offense to score a whole zero points. While third-string Caleb Hanie was able to score 14 against the Packers in the second half.
  3. While the Packers won the game, it really wasn't as pretty as I thought it would be. Fact of the matter is, the Bears bent down and defeated themselves pretty much.The Packers also made a bunch of uncharacteristic stupid mistakes in all facets of the game. Muffed balls, poor throws by Aaron Rodgers for interceptions, break-down of some coverages defensively, lack of taking advantage of easy-scoring opportunities... sure they won, but they can't be happy with their play. It might be just the conditions of Soldier Field, but it might not.
  4. The Steelers almost made the same mistake the Ravens did: Give up after the second half. Sometimes, getting an early lead can be a curse more than it is a blessing in the NFL. The worst thing one can do in a football game is lose focus and celebrate before a win is secured. After getting a 24-0 lead in the first half, the Jets scored 19 unanswered points on the Steelers. That's really not acceptable for a Super Bowl team.
  5. Despite this, the Steelers defense held when they needed to (4th down on the goalline, even if their offense gave up a Safety a play later), and their offense got the final 1st down when they needed to to clinch the game.
  6.  The injury to Steelers Center Maurkice Pouncey is HUGE. Pouncey, a rookie this season, has easily been the Steelers' best offensive linemen and an absolute beast at the Center position. When he went out of the game, we saw some sloppy offensive line play and a couple of aborted snaps. The Steelers began to really struggle to run the football, too. When he came back on crutches at the end of the game, that really didn't seem like a good sign to me. The Steelers better hope he can recover and play in the Super Bowl, they'll need him against Green Bay's devastating defensive front. Although the rumor is Pouncey will be out for this game.
  7. Rex Ryan slamming his headset into the ground angrily at the end of the game after realizing his team blew it felt so good to me. I hate Rex Ryan and the Jets. Just sayin'.
  8. Decided to include American Football Simulator predictions for this post too - seemed interesting. Don't know why I didn't include them in the regular season, oh well.
Predictions for Next Week

Prediction accuracy for Last Week: 2-0 (100.00%)
Overall prediction accuracy: 127-77 (62.25%)

PRO BOWL: AFC vs NFC: AFC by 7. Yeah, I guess I'll predict the Pro Bowl too. Why not, ya know? I'd hate to only give you guys one prediction this week. As far as hard to predict games go, the Pro Bowl is easily the hardest game to predict. I mean, you never really know who will actually attend and who will actually show up to play and who won't. Having said that, the potential combination of Darrelle Revis and Nnamdi Asomugha for the AFC seems far too devastating to pass up in my opinion. Especially when the AFC has pass-rushers such as Cam Wake, Ray Lewis, Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, and Haoli Ngata to limit the amount of time the NFC Quarterbacks have to get rid of the football. Assuming those guys actually play, of course. AFS Prediction: AFC 29, NFC 28

SUPER BOWL: Green Bay (13-6) vs Pittsburgh (14-4): Pittsburgh by 3. First, let me say this is likely the hardest prediction I've made all season. I like Green Bay. I like the adversity they fought through all season. I like Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, Mike McCarthy, and just about every one of their players. I will be rooting for the Pack with zeal in this game. Despite all this, I'm going to pick against them. While there is no doubt Green Bay is hot right now, in the NFC Championship against Chicago, a lot of Green Bay's weaknesses were exposed and I look for Pittsburgh to exploit them in this game.

Green Bay offensively: While James Starks has had a pretty awesome post-season, the Pittsburgh defense is on a whole different level than that of Philadelphia, Atlanta, or Chicago. You just don't run the ball against Pittsburgh and honestly Starks' success in the post-season has been grossly exaggerated. He only had more than 4 YPC against Philadelphia, after all. If the Packers are forced to get one-dimensional, I feel that Aaron Rodgers will make some plays, but so will the Steelers defense as Chicago's did. If Aaron thought Chicago's defense was relentless, he better get prepared for a cruel awakening against the new-age Steel Curtain. While Rodgers can excel when scrambling out of the pocket, the pressure did force two interceptions from Rodgers against Chicago. I have a feeling Pittsburgh will bring a similar gameplan, and the Steelers have a better defensive secondary than the Bears. Troy Polamalu is a monster for every offensive player, plain and simple. If the Packers can get to the redzone, I think they will score touchdowns as opposed to field goals... the Packers have been very efficient in the redzone this season. If there were ever a time for Aaron Rodgers for him to prove that he deserves to be in the same conversation as Peyton Manning or Tom Brady (or Brett Favre), now is the time.

Pittsburgh offensively: Pittsburgh will not have a walk in the park against Green Bay, either. A lot of people forget due to Aaron Rodgers' huge numbers that Green Bay's defense is also elite under Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers. The Packers had the 5th overall ranked defense, 2nd in points allowed. A huge reason for that is their relentless defensive front. The Packers finished 2nd in Sacks in the regular season (just one below the leader, the Pittsburgh Steelers), their ability to get after the Quarterback is phenomenal. Add the fact that the Steelers do not have a great offensive line, and you begin to see the problem. Much like the Packers, the Steelers will struggle to run the ball against Green Bay. Although I think Reshard Mendenhall will be capable of breaking free for a couple decent runs, though. The key for Ben Roethlisberger will be to avoid sacks with his strength and make good decisions, not giving Packers Cornerbacks Charles Woodson and Tramon Williams a chance to make plays on the ball. Due to the amount of pressure that the Packers front seven produces, the Packers finished 2nd in the regular season in Interceptions as well, earning 24, and finished 2nd in defensive touchdowns with 3. Still, Pittsburgh has already proven this post-season, against both the Ravens and Jets, that they are more than capable of moving the ball against elite defenses. While it won't always be pretty, I think we can expect the Steelers to score points.

Bottom line: Two top-ranked defenses going at it usually equate to a low-scoring game, but we must not forget we are talking about two of the better NFL Quarterbacks too in Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger. I fully expect both offenses and defenses to make plays. The final score? I think I'll lean to 24-21, Pittsburgh. AFS Prediction: Pittsburgh 23, Green Bay 21

Results of Last Week's Poll

Last week, I asked my readers "Which Super Bowl would you most like to see?" between Chicago Bears vs Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears vs New York Jets, Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers, or Green Bay Packers vs New York Jets?

Good news my readers - it appears that 56% of you got what you wanted - a Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl! The other two runners up, Chicago Bears vs New York Jets and Green Bay Packers vs New York Jets only had 22% of the vote each (with no one wanting to see the Chicago Bears vs Pittsburgh Steelers). Judging by this data, we can also view which individual teams people most wanted to see in the Super Bowl:

Green Bay Packers:  78%
Pittsburgh Steelers: 56%
New York Jets: 44%
Chicago Bears: 22%

So overall, happy day for most of my readers (and me, I voted Packers - Steelers myself)!

This week's special two-week poll is obviously "Who will win Super Bowl XLV?" between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers?

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Conference Playoffs NFL Predictions: Both top seeds gone

Well, my Divisional predictions were shot down and destroyed. But on the flip-side, we were treated to some interesting football. While there were two blowouts, there were also two pretty good match-ups last weekend. And honestly, I don't think we could have asked for more interesting Conference championships games. My notes for this week:
  1. The Packers' 48-21 win over Atlanta shows they are getting hot at the right time.
    The Bears did what the Saints could not: Eliminate the still-losing-season Seahawks. Glad to see them exit.
  2. How often do we see BOTH top seeds go down in the Divisional weekend? Not often... All those suckers saying that it was going to be a for-sure Falcons-Patriots Super Bowl must be confused right about now.
  3. Going with the above statement, my pre-season prediction of Super Bowl teams, Atlanta and Baltimore, is also dead. Kinda makes me sad, but hey, it was still pretty damn good as a preseason prediction.
  4. The New York Jets are cheaters - the New England Patriots are cheaters. Poetic justice for one cheater to go down to another.
  5. Green Bay is playing the best football as I've seen them play all season. If they can keep this up, I can easily see the Championship going to them.
  6. The Baltimore Ravens need to learn that, by rule, you have to play the 2nd half.
  7. This has been a pretty exciting and unpredictable playoffs, at least for me. My playoff record is only 3-5 this season so far... hopefully I can turn things around for the final 3 games.
Predictions for Next Week

Prediction accuracy for Last Week: 1-3 (25.00%) 
Overall prediction accuracy: 125-77 (61.88%)

Green Bay (12-6) @ Chicago (12-5): Green Bay by 7. Surprisingly, the Packers and the Bears have not had many post-season meetings in the past. This probably has to do with a odd generality that when the Packers are good, the Bears are not and when the Bears are good, the Packers are not. Either way, I love divisional games in the playoffs. In the last matchup in Week 17, the Bears decided to play to try to eliminate the Pack from post-season contention and this is why... the Packers have become the hottest team in the NFL. If the Bears could not stop them in Week 17, I do not think they stop them here. Despite Chicago winning the division, I said it all season, I believe the Packers are the better team. And now can you not root for them considering all the adversity they had to fight through this season?

New York J (13-5) @ Pittsburgh (13-4): Pittsburgh by 3. The Jets may have won the last matchup, but I still have a strong belief that the Steelers are the better team and ought to win this matchup. It will likely be a close slugfest, but I just do not see how the Jets offense will be able to move the ball very effectively against the Steelers. Pittsburgh, on the other hand, showed last week that they are quite capable of moving the ball down the field against an elite defense. Should be a great game... with quite a lot of trash-talking coming before the game is played.

Results of Last Week's Poll

Last week, I asked my readers "Which home team is most likely to get upset in the Divisional Playoffs?" between the Chicago Bears by the Seahawks, Pittsburgh Steelers by the Ravens, New England Patriots by the Jets, or the Atlanta Falcons by the Packers?

The poll ended in a two way tie between the Chicago Bears and the Pittsburgh Steelers with 40% of the vote, but neither of those teams were eliminated last week so I guess my readers were wrong (as was I). On the other hand, the other two teams, the Atlanta Falcons with 20% of the vote and the New England Patriots with 0% of the vote lost so I guess it goes to show you that anything can happen in the NFL playoffs.

This week's poll is "Which Super Bowl would you most like to see?" between Chicago Bears vs Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears vs New York Jets, Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers, or Green Bay Packers vs New York Jets?

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Divisional Playoffs NFL Predictions: Surprises and Expectations

I love the NFL. The way it supports both parity and blatantly obvious expectations makes it a fascinating and engaging league. Nothing made this shine more than last weekend's Wildcard round. There were games that ended up exactly the way I thought they would (The Jets bare victory over the Colts, and Baltimore's smearing of Kansas City) and games that took a complete 180 from what anyone and everyone expected (Seattle managing to score a victory over THE SAINTS?). But now that the dust as settled from a heated Wildcard round, what lies in store for us in the Divisional round? I'm here to let you know what I think! But first, some observations about the Wildcard round:
Holy Matt Hasselbeck, Batman!
  1. First and foremost... the Seahawks. As many of you know, I was vehemently opposed to them being in the playoffs. With a losing record in the league's softest division, I doubted they would be there. Still, I was one of the few that didn't think they would completely embarrass themselves in the Wildcard round. They were, after all, at home (Qwest Stadium is one of the better homefield advantages in the NFL) and were still an NFL team. The differences in overall talent from one team to the next in the NFL is greatly exaggerated, there is great parity. Having said all this, I still never expected them to actually win. I thought they would be in it for a few quarters, but eventually lose by like two scores. Much like the Seahawks being in the playoffs to begin with, this brings me mixed feelings:
  2. Part of me wants to say the Playoff system worked. Despite the Seahawks having a losing record in the regular season, they were more than able to hold their own. I'd much rather see them win than get demolished, I like quality football.
  3. However, at the same time, a MAJOR reason why they won, in my opinion, was homefield advantage. Like I mentioned earlier, Qwest Field provides one of the better homefield advantages int he NFL since the stadium was built to hold in the noise. Had they played the game in the Superdome, I'm not sure if the 'Hawks would have won. While I really do like the current playoff system since the "Win the division, get a home game" clause is simple and effective, I'm not sure how I feel about the 7-9 Seahawks getting a homegame while the former World Champion 11-5 Saints could not get one even despite a harder schedule.
  4. Matt Hasselbeck may have saved his career in Seattle. He was not the problem there anyhow, the Seahawks OLine has been atrocious all season.
  5. The Saints defense played way too soft. Not what we came to expect from a Gregg Williams defense. Then again, key injuries may have something to do with it.
  6. Wow, Marshawn Lynch. That's all I really have to say. While I still believe he is a completely pedestrian back, that late-game run to put a dagger in the hearts of the Saints was astonishing. If you haven't seen the highlight, make sure you do. It was all him.
  7. Unfortanutely, the Jets-Colts game went according to plan. Damn Nick Folk for not being inept when it truly mattered.
  8. While I expected Baltimore to cream the Chiefs, I did not quite expect it to be 30-7. I think a lot of the weaknesses that the Chiefs have had all season displayed themselves in this matchup. Their soft secondary and average offensive line were at the forefront. The Ravens creamed Matt Cassel, he had no time to do anything in that pocket. I do believe, however, the Chiefs are on the right track and will try to address most of these issues in the off-season.
  9. Jamaal Charles is an amazing running back. I wonder why the Chiefs even bother with Thomas Jones. Charles is the real-deal.
  10. Michael Vick seemed to have faded later in the season once teams have gotten used to him. While he still makes the Eagles more dynamic than say, Kevin Kolb, I'm unsure whether or not the Eagles should pursue him for another season. Granted, I know the Eagles will, they are already talking about a long-term deal with the Quarterback. In any event, it will be interesting to see if the Eagles try to deal Kevin Kolb in the offseason and if so, to whom.
  11. The Chiefs had just 53 net passing yards against the Ravens.
  12. Mike McCarthy really could make a strong candidate against Bell Bellichick for coach of the year. Granted, Bellichick is leading the league's likely #1 team at the moment, but what McCarthy was able to do with all the injuries at virtually every position is amazing. Easily the best coaching performance I've seen in a long time and it will be scary to see what the Packers can do next year if they can stay healthy.
Predictions for Next Week

Prediction accuracy for Last Week: 2-2 (50.00%)

Overall prediction accuracy: 124-74 (62.62%)

Baltimore (13-4) @ Pittsburgh (12-4): Baltimore by 3. Well, the Ravens were my pre-season prediction as AFC champions, so I'm going to stick with them. Still, we all know how Ravens-Steelers games are. This will be a close, low-scoring slugfest. The Steelers won the last matchup and are at home, so that gives them plenty of confidence going into this game. Despite this, the Ravens defense looked great against Kansas City yesterday and are playing their best football right now than they have all season. If Joe Flacco can find some time in the pocket and deliver high-percentage balls while moving the team down the field methodically like I know he can, the Ravens should find themselves in the AFC Conference game.

New York J (12-5) @ New England (14-2): New England by 10. While I doubt this will be the demolition like their last game in Foxborough, this is a game that the Patriots should, by all means, win. The Patriots are very good at home and have played non-stop great football all season. The defense really came together late in the season and will give Mark Sanchez a lot of trouble. The Jets will need to focus on the run to move the ball against the Patriots, but that is not easy when Vince Wilfork is in your way. And like I said last time these two teams met, Tom Brady is the perfect Quarterback to have against the Jets. No matter how good your secondary is, there is no defense for a perfectly accurate ball.

Green Bay (11-6) @ Atlanta (13-3): Atlanta by 7. This will be no easy game for either team, but I have to go with my pre-season NFC pick, the Falcons, at home against the Pack. Atlanta easily has the most complete team with their much-improved defense combined with a passing attack starting to get really great under Matt Ryan and one of the better power running games in the league behind Michael Turner. Still, the Packers defense is well coached and will cause problems for the Falcons. And its never wise to completely count out Aaron Rodgers. Will be a good game, but one that the Falcons should win with the advantage of their Dome.

Seattle (8-9) @ Chicago (11-5): Chicago by 14. Seattle may have beaten the Saints, but a major part of that was a soft beaten-up Saints defense as well as homefield advantage. The Seahawks will have neither advantage against the Bears, who have a strong physical defense and are playing at home where it is difficult to pass the football due to outrageous winds. I think the Bears will take this game pretty easily... but who knows, maybe the Seahawks will shock the world again with another upset.

Results of Last Week's Poll

Last week, I asked my readers "Which non-Pro Bowler should be in the Pro Bowl?" between Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Browns Runningback Peyton Hillis, Titans Runningback Chris Johnson, Dolphins Fullback Lousaka Polite, Chiefs Quarterback Matt Cassel, or Cardinals Wide-receiver Larry Fitzgerald?

Maybe I had a little too many options, but this poll ended in a three-way tie between Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Hillis, and Lousaka Polite. All three were very good choices for various reasons and I was shocked when they did not reach the Pro-Bowl after their dominating years. Actually, pretty much all the options I listed were pretty good options.

This week's poll is "Which home team is most likely to get upset in the Divisional Playoffs?" between the Chicago Bears by the Seahawks, Pittsburgh Steelers by the Ravens, New England Patriots by the Jets, or the Atlanta Falcons by the Packers?
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

American Football Simulator, Distribution 2010.5

NOTICE: This version of the AFS is OUTDATED. Please look for the new version at thekillernacho.blogspot.com under the "American Football Simulator" label. 

Link to the original post about the AMS 

Since the 2010 NFL regular season is concluded, I intend this release to be the final release of the American Football Simulator for 2010. I have fixed most of the bugs myself and others have found, as well as finished polishing its current features exactly the way I intended them. In a lot of ways, this 2010.5 distribution is the "complete" 2010 distribution, with major upgrades and major new features being saved for the 2011 version. I spent a lot of time during my Winter break preparing this distribution, making sure everything was perfect. I hope you all enjoy the fruits of my labor. Something else that may interest some is that I'm looking into porting this application to the Android phone. This may be completed for the 2010 version if I have enough time. Stay tuned for that.

Changes in the 2010.5 Distribution:
  • Tweaked simulation engine for more realistic simulations and balancing issues:
    • Mobile QBs were nerfed slightly. Speed no longer has a direct affect on completion accuracy.
    • Concentration now most important stat for QBs to avoid interceptions.
    • The offensive line, defensive line, and wide receivers are now more important in the passing game.
    • Rushing is slightly better and more consistent.
    • Increased variability dependent on players.
  • New Coaching stat: Defensive Priority. Affects whether defenses focus on run or pass. High value will focus on run, low value will focus on pass. Affects effectiveness slightly (like Aggression).
  • Changed the way defensive stats are awarded for more realistic statistics.
  • Shuffled Teams season mode now shuffles coaches too, not just players.
  • Split up Secondary stats in Season mode to Cornerback and Safety and Runningback stats into Runningback and Fullback, for convenience.
  • Changed the file naming format of the Populate Folders feature.
  • Populate Folder feature now saves Practice Squad players.
  • Several minor bug fixes.
  • Updated rosters for Week 17 in the NFL.

Another major change in 2010.5 is me continuing to tweak the rosters. I likely made the largest roster revisions in this distribution than the two previous ones, I wanted to make everything just right now that all the final records and statistics were in. Some people gave concerns that the New England Patriots were too weak in the simulation, I have corrected their roster so they are worthy of the 14-2 record they earned. I also did major revisions on the Runningback, Fullback, Wide receiver, Offensive line, Kicker, and Punter positions. It may be my finest (and most accurate) rosters yet. Enjoy.

Tom Brady (NE) - 96
Peyton Manning (IND) - 95
Drew Brees (NO) - 94
Aaron Rodgers (GB) - 93
Philip Rivers (SD) - 92
Michael Vick (PHI) - 92
Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) - 91
Tony Romo (DAL) - 91
Eli Manning (NYG) - 91
Matt Schaub (HOU) - 90
Kyle Orton (DEN) - 90
Jay Cutler (CHI) - 90
Matt Ryan (ATL) - 90
Carson Palmer (CIN) - 89
Joe Flacco (BAL) - 89
Matt Cassel (KC) - 89
Matthew Stafford (DET) - 89
Donovan McNabb (WAS) - 89
David Garrard (JAC) - 88
Ryan Fitzpatrick (BUF) - 88
Chad Pennington (MIA) - 88
Sam Bradford (STL) - 88
Brett Favre (MIN) - 88
Vince Young (TEN) - 87
Mark Sanchez (NYJ) - 87
Matt Hasselbeck (SEA) - 87
Josh Freeman (TB) - 87
Colt McCoy (CLE) - 86
Bruce Gradkowski (OAK) - 86
Troy Smith (SF) - 86
Derek Anderson (ARI) - 85
Matt Moore (CAR) - 85

Adrian Peterson (MIN) - 94
Chris Johnson (TEN) - 93
Steven Jackson (STL) - 93
Maurice Jones-Drew (JAC) - 92
Frank Gore (SF) - 92
Michael Turner (ATL) - 92
DeAngelo Williams (CAR) - 92
Arian Foster (HOU) - 91
Joseph Addai (IND) - 91
Peyton Hillis (CLE) - 91
Jamaal Charles (KC) - 91
Darren McFadden (OAK) - 91
Matt Forte (CHI) - 91
Fred Jackson (BUF) - 90
LaDainian Tomlinson (NYJ) - 90
BenJarvus Green-Ellis (NE) - 90
Ronnie Brown (MIA) - 90
Cedric Benson (CIN) - 90
Ray Rice (BAL) - 90
Rashard Mendenhall (PIT) - 90
Thomas Jones (KC) - 90
Michael Bush (OAK) - 90
Reggie Bush (NO) - 90
Pierre Thomas (NO) - 90
Felix Jones (DAL) - 90
LeSean McCoy (PHI) - 90
Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG) - 90
C.J. Spiller (BUF) - 89
Shonn Greene (NYJ) - 89
Danny Woodhead (NE) - 89
Ricky Williams (MIA) - 89
Willis McGahee (BAL) - 89
Knowshon Moreno (DEN) - 89
Ryan Mathews (SD) - 89
Brian Westbrook (SF) - 89
Jahvid Best (DET) - 89
Ryan Grant (GB) - 89
Chester Taylor (CHI) - 89
LeGarrette Blount (TB) - 89
Jonathon Stewart (CAR) - 89
Marion Barber (DAL) - 89
Jerome Harrison (PHI) - 89
Brandon Jacobs (NYG) - 89
Rashad Jennings (JAC) - 88
Laurence Maroney (DEN) - 88
Darren Sproles (SD) - 88
Justin Forsett (SEA) - 88
Marshawn Lynch (SEA) - 88
Chris Wells (ARI) - 88
Tim Hightower (ARI) - 88
Kevin Smith (DET) - 88
Brandon Jackson (GB) - 88
Cadillac Williams (TB) - 88
Jason Snelling (ATL) - 88
Ryan Torain (WAS) - 88
Clinton Portis (WAS) - 88
Derrick Ward (HOU) - 87
Donald Brown (IND) - 87
Javon Ringer (TEN) - 87
Bernard Scott (CIN) - 87
Toby Gerhart (MIN) - 87
Mike Bell (CLE) - 86
Mewelde Moore (PIT) - 86
Keith Toston (STL) - 86

Lousaka Polite (MIA) - 93
Le'Ron McClain (BAL) - 92
Mike Tolbert (SD) - 91
Leonard Weaver (PHI) - 91
Tony Richardson (NYJ) - 90
Sammy Morris (NE) - 90
Lawrence Vickers (CLE) - 90
Jerome Felton (DET) - 90
John Kuhn (GB) - 89
Heath Evans (NO) - 89
Ovie Mughelli (ATL) - 89
Madison Hedgecock (NYG) - 89
Vonta Leach (HOU) - 88
Gijon Robinson (IND) - 88
Ahmard Hall (TEN) - 88
Michael Robinson (SEA) - 88
Mike Sellers (WAS) - 88
Greg Jones (JAC) - 87
Marcel Reece (OAK) - 87
Brandon Manumaleuna (CHI) - 87
Naufahu Tahi (MIN) - 87
Tony Fiammetta (CAR) - 87
Corey McIntyre (BUF) - 86
Cedric Peerman (CIN) - 86
Mike Karney (STL) - 86
Moran Norris (SF) - 86
Earnest Graham (TB) - 86
David Johnson (PIT) - 85
Tim Castille (KC) - 85
Spencer Larsen (DEN) - 85
Reagan Maui'a (ARI) - 85
Chris Gronkowski (DAL) - 85

Tight Ends:
Jason Witten (DAL) - 95
Antonio Gates (SD) - 94
Dallas Clark (IND) - 93
Tony Gonzalez (ATL) - 93
Owen Daniels (HOU) - 92
Heath Miller (PIT) - 92
Jermichael Finley (GB) - 92
Daniel Graham (DEN) - 91
Vernon Davis (SF) - 91
Greg Olsen (CHI) - 91
Chris Cooley (WAS) - 91
Marcedes Lewis (JAC) - 90
Ron Gronkowski (NE) - 90
Zach Miller (OAK) - 90
Brent Celek (PHI) - 90
Kevin Boss (NYG) - 90
Dustin Keller (NYJ) - 89
Todd Heap (BAL) - 89
John Carlson (SEA) - 89
Jeremy Shockey (NO) - 89
Kellen Winslow (TB) - 89
Benjamin Watson (CLE) - 88
Jermaine Gresham (CIN) - 88
Tony Moeaki (KC) - 88
Brandon Pettigrew (DET) - 88
Bo Scaife (TEN) - 87
Anthony Fasano (MIA) - 87
Daniel Fells (STL) - 87
Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN) - 87
David Martin (BUF) - 86
Ben Patrick (ARI) - 86
Dante Rosario (CAR) - 85

Wide Recievers:
Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) - 98
Andre Johnson (HOU) - 97
Calvin Johnson (DET) - 97
Reggie Wayne (IND) - 96
Brandon Marshall (MIA) - 96
Roddy White (ATL) - 96
Wes Welker (NE) - 95
Anquan Boldin (BAL) - 95
Dwayne Bowe (KC) - 95
Greg Jennings (GB) - 95
Randy Moss (TEN) - 94
Chad Ochocinco (CIN) - 94
Vincent Jackson (SD) - 94
Steve Smith (CAR) - 94
DeSean Jackson (PHI) - 94
Anthony Gonzalez (IND) - 93
Lee Evans (BUF) - 93
Terrell Owens (CIN) - 93
Brandon Lloyd (DEN) - 93
Marques Colston (NO) - 93
Jeremy Maclin (PHI) - 93
Santonio Holmes (NYJ) - 92
Deion Branch (NE) - 92
Hines Ward (PIT) - 92
Malcom Floyd (SD) - 92
Michael Crabtree (SF) - 92
Sidney Rice (MIN) - 92
Santana Moss (WAS) - 92
Miles Austin (DAL) - 92
Hakeem Nicks (NYG) - 92
Austin Collie (IND) - 91
Steve Johnson (BUF) - 91
Braylon Edwards (NYJ) - 91
Davone Bess (MIA) - 91
Mike Wallace (PIT) - 91
Chris Chambers (KC) - 91
Donald Driver (GB) - 91
Steve Smith (NYG) - 91
Kevin Walter (HOU) - 90
Kenny Britt (TEN) - 90
Derrick Mason (BAL) - 90
Johnny Knox (CHI) - 90
Percy Harvin (MIN) - 90
Lance Moore (NO) - 90
Devery Henderson (NO) - 90
Mike Williams (TB) - 90
Mike Sims-Walker (JAC) - 89
Brandon Tate (NE) - 89
T.J. Houshmandzadeh (BAL) - 89
Jacoby Ford (OAK) - 89
Jabar Gaffney (DEN) - 89
Eddie Royal (DEN) - 89
Donnie Avery (STL) - 89
Mike Williams (SEA) - 89
Steve Breaston (ARI) - 89
Nate Burleson (DET) - 89
Michael Jenkins (ATL) - 89
Dez Bryant (DAL) - 89
Jason Avant (PHI) - 89
Jacoby Jones (HOU) - 88
Nate Washington (TEN) - 88
Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ) - 88
Mohamed Massaquoi (CLE) - 88
Danny Amendola (STL) - 88
Mark Clayton (STL) - 88
Deon Butler (SEA) - 88
Josh Morgan (SF) - 88
James Jones (GB) - 88
Arrelious Benn (TB) - 88
Anthony Armstrong (WAS) - 88
Roy Williams (DAL) - 88
Brian Robiskie (CLE) - 87
Jordan Shipley (CIN) - 87
Antwaan Randle El (PIT) - 87
Dexter McCluster (KC) - 87
Louis Murphy (OAK) - 87
Darrius Heyward-Bey (OAK) - 87
Legedu Naanee (SD) - 87
Earl Bennett (CHI) - 87
Devin Hester (CHI) - 87
Bernard Berrian (MIN) - 87
Mario Manningham (NYG) - 87
Mike Thomas (JAC) - 86
Roscoe Parrish (BUF) - 86
Joshua Cribbs (CLE) - 86
Golden Tate (SEA) - 86
Ted Ginn (SF) - 86
Harry Douglas (ATL) - 86
Early Doucet (ARI) - 85
Bryant Johnson (DET) - 85
Michael Spurlock (TB) - 85
Kassim Osgood (JAC) - 84
Brian Hartline (MIA) - 84
David Gettis (CAR) - 83
Brandon LaFell (CAR) - 82
Roydell Williams (WAS) - 81

Offensive Line:
Logan Mankins (NE) - 97
Jake Long (MIA) - 97
Michael Roos (TEN) - 96
Nick Mangold (NYJ) - 96
Jonathan Goodwin (NO) - 96
Jeff Saturday (IND) - 95
Matt Light (NE) - 95
Joe Thomas (CLE) - 95
Ryan Clady (DEN) - 95
Marcus McNeill (SD) - 95
Jason Peters (PHI) - 95
Stephen Neal (NE) - 94
Shaun O'Hara (NYG) - 94
Chris Snee (NYG) - 94
Eugene Amano (TEN) - 93
D'Brickashaw Ferguson (NYJ) - 93
Damien Woody (NYJ) - 93
Alex Mack (CLE) - 93
Ryan Lilja (KC) - 93
Kris Dielman (SD) - 93
Rodger Saffold (STL) - 93
Jermon Bushrod (NO) - 93
Jahri Evans (NO) - 93
Todd McClure (ATL) - 93
Shawn Andrews (NYG) - 93
Rich Seubert (NYG) - 93
Chris Myers (HOU) - 92
Mike Brisiel (HOU) - 92
Sebastian Vollmer (NE) - 92
Billy Yates (CLE) - 92
Russell Okung (SEA) - 92
Carl Nicks (NO) - 92
Jon Stinchcomb (NO) - 92
Donald Penn (TB) - 92
Harvey Dahl (ATL) - 92
Tyson Clabo (ATL) - 92
Todd Herremans (PHI) - 92
Charlie Johnson (IND) - 91
Mike Pollak (IND) - 91
Ryan Diem (IND) - 91
Leroy Harris (TEN) - 91
Jake Scott (TEN) - 91
Matt Birk (BAL) - 91
Branden Albert (KC) - 91
Chris Kuper (DEN) - 91
Nick Hardwick (SD) - 91
Jeromey Clary (SD) - 91
Deuce Lutui (ARI) - 91
Justin Blalock (ATL) - 91
Kyle Kosier (DAL) - 91
Eric Winston (HOU) - 90
Kyle DeVan (IND) - 90
Dan Koppen (NE) - 90
Kyle Cook (CIN) - 90
Marshal Yanda (BAL) - 90
Maurkice Pouncey (PIT) - 90
Jacob Bell (STL) - 90
Olin Kreutz (CHI) - 90
Ted Larsen (TB) - 90
Jordan Gross (CAR) - 90
Kory Lichtensteiger (WAS) - 90
Jammal Brown (WAS) - 90
Winston Justice (PHI) - 90
Kareem McKenzie (NYG) - 90
Duane Brown (HOU) - 89
David Stewart (TEN) - 89
Brandon Moore (NYJ) - 89
Vernon Carey (MIA) - 89
Eric Steinbach (CLE) - 89
Michael Oher (BAL) - 89
Jared Gaither (BAL) - 89
Stacy Andrews (SEA) - 89
Joe Staley (SF) - 89
Mike Iupati (SF) - 89
Lyle Sendlein (ARI) - 89
Dominic Raiola (DET) - 89
Steve Hutchinson (MIN) - 89
Jeff Faine (TB) - 89
Sam Baker (ATL) - 89
Marc Colombo (DAL) - 89
Mike McGlynn (PHI) - 89
Max Jean-Gilles (PHI) - 89
Eben Britton (JAC) - 88
Antoine Caldwell (HOU) - 88
Andy Levitre (BUF) - 88
John Jerry (MIA) - 88
Ben Grubbs (BAL) - 88
Max Starks (PIT) - 88
Zane Beadles (DEN) - 88
J.D. Walton (DEN) - 88
Adam Goldberg (STL) - 88
Jason Smith (STL) - 88
Chris Spencer (SEA) - 88
Sean Locklear (SEA) - 88
David Baas (SF) - 88
Alan Faneca (ARI) - 88
Chad Clifton (GB) - 88
Josh Sitton (GB) - 88
Roberto Garza (CHI) - 88
Bryant McKinnie (MIN) - 88
Andre Gurode (DAL) - 88
Eric Wood (BUF) - 87
Matt Slauson (NYJ) - 87
Richie Incognito (MIA) - 87
Floyd Womack (CLE) - 87
Bobbie Williams (CIN) - 87
Brian Waters (KC) - 87
Barry Richardson (KC) - 87
Ryan Harris (DEN) - 87
Jason Brown (STL) - 87
Jeff Backus (DET) - 87
Phil Loadholt (MIN) - 87
Davin Joseph (TB) - 87
James Lee (TB) - 87
Ryan Kalil (CAR) - 87
Jeff Otah (CAR) - 87
Artis Hicks (WAS) - 87
Andrew Whitworth (CIN) - 86
Trai Essex (PIT) - 86
Casey Wiegmann (KC) - 86
Mike Gibson (SEA) - 86
Chilo Rachal (SF) - 86
Levi Brown (ARI) - 86
Stephen Peterman (DET) - 86
Gosder Cherilus (DET) - 86
John Sullivan (MIN) - 86
Anthony Herrera (MIN) - 86
Casey Rabach (WAS) - 86
Leonard Davis (DAL) - 86
Uche Nwaneri (JAC) - 85
Nate Livings (CIN) - 85
Dennis Roland (CIN) - 85
Flozell Adams (PIT) - 85
Jared Veldheer (OAK) - 85
Robert Gallery (OAK) - 85
Samson Satele (OAK) - 85
Louis Vasquez (SD) - 85
Rob Sims (DET) - 85
Scott Wells (GB) - 85
Trent Williams (WAS) - 85
Brad Meester (JAC) - 84
Demetrius Bell (BUF) - 84
Joe Berger (MIA) - 84
Cooper Carlisle (OAK) - 84
Brandon Keith (ARI) - 84
Bryan Bulaga (GB) - 84
Geoff Schwartz (CAR) - 84
Doug Free (DAL) - 84
Vince Manuwai (JAC) - 83
Cornell Green (BUF) - 83
Chris Kemoeatu (PIT) - 83
Travelle Wharton (CAR) - 83
Geoff Hangartner (BUF) - 82
Langston Walker (OAK) - 82
Anthony Davis (SF) - 82
Eugene Monroe (JAC) - 81
Daryn Colledge (GB) - 81
Chris Williams (CHI) - 81
J'Marcus Webb (CHI) - 81
Frank Omiyale (CHI) - 80

Defensive Line:
Haloti Ngata (BAL) - 98
Julius Peppers (CHI) - 97
Mario Williams (HOU) - 96
Randy Starks (MIA) - 96
Kelly Gregg (BAL) - 96
Jared Allen (MIN) - 96
Albert Haynesworth (WAS) - 96
Trent Cole (PHI) - 96
Mathias Kiwanuka (NYG) - 96
Justin Tuck (NYG) - 96
Aaron Kampman (JAC) - 95
Brett Keisel (PIT) - 95
Richard Seymour (OAK) - 95
Ndamukong Suh (DET) - 95
Kevin Williams (MIN) - 95
Kris Jenkins (NYJ) - 94
Casey Hampton (PIT) - 94
Kyle Vanden Bosch (DET) - 94
Israel Idonije (CHI) - 94
Pat Williams (MIN) - 94
Jason Babin (TEN) - 93
Shaun Ellis (NYJ) - 93
Vince Wilfork (NE) - 93
Jared Odrick (MIA) - 93
Kendall Langford (MIA) - 93
Will Smith (NO) - 93
Gerald McCoy (TB) - 93
Tyson Alualu (JAC) - 92
Tony Brown (TEN) - 92
Mike Devito (NYJ) - 92
Paul Soliai (MIA) - 92
Cory Redding (BAL) - 92
Aaron Smith (PIT) - 92
Jamal Williams (DEN) - 92
Chris Long (STL) - 92
Justin Smith (SF) - 92
Aubrayo Franklin (SF) - 92
Matt Toeaina (CHI) - 92
Stylez White (TB) - 92
John Abraham (ATL) - 92
Jay Ratliff (DAL) - 92
Mike Patterson (PHI) - 92
Barry Cofield (NYG) - 92
Amobi Okoye (HOU) - 91
Robert Mathis (IND) - 91
Dave Ball (TEN) - 91
Jason Jones (TEN) - 91
Tank Johnson (CIN) - 91
Trevor Scott (OAK) - 91
Tommy Kelly (OAK) - 91
Antonio Garay (SD) - 91
Darnell Dockett (ARI) - 91
Anthony Adams (CHI) - 91
Jonathon Babineaux (ATL) - 91
Antonio Dixon (PHI) - 91
Osi Umenyiora (NYG) - 91
Derrick Harvey (JAC) - 90
Antonio Smith (HOU) - 90
Dwight Freeney (IND) - 90
Ahtyba Rubin (CLE) - 90
Glenn Dorsey (KC) - 90
Luis Castillo (SD) - 90
James Hall (STL) - 90
Kentwan Balmer (SEA) - 90
Chris Clemons (SEA) - 90
Cullen Jenkins (GB) - 90
Johnny Jolly (GB) - 90
Brandon Graham (PHI) - 90
Terrance Knighton (JAC) - 89
Shaun Cody (HOU) - 89
Sione Pouha (NYJ) - 89
Robert Geathers (CIN) - 89
Terrence Cody (BAL) - 89
Ron Edwards (KC) - 89
Justin Bannan (DEN) - 89
Jacques Cesaire (SD) - 89
Brandon Mebane (SEA) - 89
Junior Siavii (SEA) - 89
Calais Campbell (ARI) - 89
Cliff Avril (DET) - 89
B.J. Raji (GB) - 89
Ray Edwards (MIN) - 89
Sedrick Ellis (NO) - 89
Kroy Biermann (ATL) - 89
Everette Brown (CAR) - 89
Marcus Stroud (BUF) - 88
Gerard Warren (NE) - 88
Shaun Rogers (CLE) - 88
Lamarr Houston (OAK) - 88
Travis Johnson (SD) - 88
Fred Robbins (STL) - 88
Isaac Sopoaga (SF) - 88
Corey Williams (DET) - 88
Ryan Pickett (GB) - 88
Remi Ayodele (NO) - 88
Alex Brown (NO) - 88
Roy Miller (TB) - 88
Derek Landri (CAR) - 88
Maake Kemoeatu (WAS) - 88
Mike Wright (NE) - 87
Domata Peko (CIN) - 87
Ziggy Hood (PIT) - 87
Shaun Smith (KC) - 87
Tyson Jackson (KC) - 87
Marcus Thomas (DEN) - 87
Kevin Vickerson (DEN) - 87
Chris Hovan (STL) - 87
Ray McDonald (SF) - 87
Charles Johnson (CAR) - 87
Stephen Bowen (DAL) - 87
Josh Brent (DAL) - 87
Kyle Williams (BUF) - 86
Myron Pryor (NE) - 86
Robaire Smith (CLE) - 86
Frostee Rucker (CIN) - 86
Tim Crowder (TB) - 86
Corey Peters (ATL) - 86
Nick Hayden (CAR) - 86
Adam Carriker (WAS) - 86
Igor Olshansky (DAL) - 86
Antonio Johnson (IND) - 85
Dwan Edwards (BUF) - 85
Kedric Golston (WAS) - 85
Kenyon Coleman (CLE) - 84
Bryan Robinson (ARI) - 84
Daniel Muir (IND) - 83
Dan Williams (ARI) - 83
Spencer Johnson (BUF) - 81

James Harrison (PIT) - 97
Ray Lewis (BAL) - 96
Brian Urlacher (CHI) - 96
Lawrence Timmons (PIT) - 95
Patrick Willis (SF) - 95
Karlos Dansby (MIA) - 94
Clay Matthews (GB) - 94
Lance Briggs (CHI) - 94
Calvin Pace (NYJ) - 93
Terrell Suggs (BAL) - 93
Jon Beason (CAR) - 93
Jerod Mayo (NE) - 92
D'Qwell Jackson (CLE) - 92
Lofa Tatupu (SEA) - 92
Barrett Ruud (TB) - 92
DeMarcus Ware (DAL) - 92
Ernie Sims (PHI) - 92
Cameron Wake (MIA) - 91
LaMarr Woodley (PIT) - 91
Shaun Phillips (SD) - 91
James Laurinatis (STL) - 91
A.J. Hawk (GB) - 91
Chad Greenway (MIN) - 91
Stewart Bradley (PHI) - 91
DeMeco Ryans (HOU) - 90
Will Witherspoon (TEN) - 90
David Harris (NYJ) - 90
Jarret Johnson (BAL) - 90
Elvis Dumervil (DEN) - 90
Stephen Cooper (SD) - 90
Curtis Lofton (ATL) - 90
Keith Bulluck (NYG) - 90
Brian Cushing (HOU) - 89
Shawne Merriman (BUF) - 89
Bart Scott (NYJ) - 89
Rey Maualuga (CIN) - 89
Dhani Jones (CIN) - 89
Derrick Johnson (KC) - 89
Kevin Burnett (SD) - 89
Manny Lawson (SF) - 89
Julian Peterson (DET) - 89
Ben Leber (MIN) - 89
Jonathon Vilma (NO) - 89
Mike Peterson (ATL) - 89
Brian Orakpo (WAS) - 89
London Fletcher (WAS) - 89
Kirk Morrison (JAC) - 88
Stephen Tulloch (TEN) - 88
Koa Misi (MIA) - 88
Tamba Hali (KC) - 88
Mike Vrabel (KC) - 88
Rolando McClain (OAK) - 88
Robert Ayers (DEN) - 88
D.J. Williams (DEN) - 88
Aaron Curry (SEA) - 88
Paris Lenon (ARI) - 88
Joey Porter (ARI) - 88
Landon Johnson (DET) - 88
Nick Barnett (GB) - 88
Pisa Tinoisamoa (CHI) - 88
E.J. Henderson (MIN) - 88
Will Smith (NO) - 88
Rocky McIntosh (WAS) - 88
Jonathon Goff (NYG) - 88
Daryl Smith (JAC) - 87
Tully Banta-Cain (NE) - 87
Gary Guyton (NE) - 87
Scott Fujita (CLE) - 87
Keith Rivers (CIN) - 87
Kamerion Wimbley (OAK) - 87
Takeo Spikes (SF) - 87
Daryl Washington (ARI) - 87
Jo-Lonn Dunbar (NO) - 87
Sean Weatherspoon (ATL) - 87
James Anderson (CAR) - 87
Keith Brooking (DAL) - 87
Michael Boley (NYG) - 87
Clint Session (IND) - 86
Paul Posluszny (BUF) - 86
Matt Roth (CLE) - 86
Quentin Groves (OAK) - 86
DeAndre Levy (DET) - 86
Geno Hayes (TB) - 86
Dan Connor (CAR) - 86
Jamie Winborn (TEN) - 85
Andra Davis (BUF) - 85
Na'il Diggs (STL) - 85
David Hawthrone (SEA) - 85
Bradie James (DAL) - 85
Moise Fokou (PHI) - 85
Justin Durant (JAC) - 84
Gary Brackett (IND) - 84
David Vobora (STL) - 84
Quincy Black (TB) - 84
Zac Diles (HOU) - 83
Pat Angerer (IND) - 83

Nnamdi Asomugha (OAK) - 98
Darrelle Revis (NYJ) - 97
Champ Bailey (DEN) - 96
Cortland Finnegan (TEN) - 95
Rashean Mathis (JAC) - 94
Ike Taylor (PIT) - 94
Carlos Rodgers (WAS) - 94
Brandon Flowers (KC) - 93
Charles Woodson (GB) - 93
Asante Samuel (PHI) - 93
Vontae Davis (MIA) - 92
Quentin Jammer (SD) - 92
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (ARI) - 92
Tramon Williams (GB) - 92
Charles Tillman (CHI) - 92
Sheldon Brown (CLE) - 91
Leon Hall (CIN) - 91
Marcus Trufant (SEA) - 91
Antoine Winfield (MIN) - 91
Aqib Talib (TB) - 91
Dunta Robinson (ATL) - 91
Johnathan Joseph (CIN) - 90
Domonique Foxworth (BAL) - 90
Bryant McFadden (PIT) - 90
Brandon Carr (KC) - 90
Nate Clements (SF) - 90
Jabari Greer (NO) - 90
Terrell Thomas (NYG) - 90
Kelvin Hayden (IND) - 89
Alterraun Verner (TEN) - 89
Josh Wilson (BAL) - 89
Ronde Barber (TB) - 89
Chris Gamble (CAR) - 89
Terence Newman (DAL) - 89
Corey Webster (NYG) - 89
Antonio Cromartie (NYJ) - 88
Sean Smith (MIA) - 88
Eric Wright (CLE) - 88
Shawntae Spencer (SF) - 88
Chris Houston (DET) - 88
Alphonso Smith (DET) - 88
Asher Allen (MIN) - 88
Brent Grimes (ATL) - 88
Terrence McGee (BUF) - 87
Kyle Arrington (NE) - 87
Devin McCourty (NE) - 87
Antoine Cason (SD) - 87
Zackary Bowman (CHI) - 87
Tracy Porter (NO) - 87
Richard Marshall (CAR) - 87
DeAngelo Hall (WAS) - 87
Dimitri Patterson (PHI) - 87
Jerraud Powers (IND) - 86
Drayton Florence (BUF) - 86
Stanford Routt (OAK) - 86
Ron Bartell (STL) - 86
Kelly Jennings (SEA) - 86
Mike Jenkins (DAL) - 86
Andre' Goodman (DEN) - 85
Bradley Fletcher (STL) - 85
Kareem Jackson (HOU) - 84
Greg Toler (ARI) - 84
Derek Cox (JAC) - 83
Glover Quin (HOU) - 83

Troy Polamalu (PIT) - 99
Bob Sanders (IND) - 96
Chinedum Ndukwe (CIN) - 95
Chris Hope (TEN) - 94
Ed Reed (BAL) - 94
Michael Griffin (TEN) - 93
Danieal Manning (CHI) - 93
Antoine Bethea (IND) - 92
Oshiomogho Atogwe (STL) - 92
Tenard Jackson (TB) - 92
LeRon Landry (WAS) - 92
Yeramiah Bell (MIA) - 91
Adrian Wilson (ARI) - 91
Nick Collins (GB) - 91
Chris Harris (CHI) - 91
Antrel Rolle (NYG) - 91
Jairus Byrd (BUF) - 90
Jim Leonhard (NYJ) - 90
Brandon Meriweather (NE) - 90
Eric Berry (KC) - 90
Tyvon Branch (OAK) - 90
Brian Dawkins (DEN) - 90
Brodney Pool (NYJ) - 89
Michael Huff (OAK) - 89
Lawyer Milloy (SEA) - 89
Charlie Peprah (GB) - 89
Roman Harper (NO) - 89
Kareem Moore (WAS) - 89
Eugene Wilson (HOU) - 88
Patrick Chung (NE) - 88
Abram Elam (CLE) - 88
T.J. Ward (CLE) - 88
Dawan Landry (BAL) - 88
Eric Weddle (SD) - 88
Earl Thomas (SEA) - 88
Kerry Rhodes (ARI) - 88
Louis Delmas (DET) - 88
Malcolm Jenkins (NO) - 88
Cody Grimm (TB) - 88
Charles Godfrey (CAR) - 88
Kenny Phillips (NYG) - 88
Sean Considine (JAC) - 87
Bernard Pollard (HOU) - 87
Donte Whitner (BUF) - 87
Roy Williams (CIN) - 87
Jon McGraw (KC) - 87
Renaldo Hill (DEN) - 87
Steve Gregory (SD) - 87
Dashon Goldson (SF) - 87
William Moore (ATL) - 87
Thomas DeCoud (ATL) - 87
Courtney Greene (JAC) - 86
Chris Clemons (MIA) - 86
Ryan Clark (PIT) - 86
Reggie Smith (SF) - 86
Madieu Williams (MIN) - 86
Sherrod Martin (CAR) - 86
Gerald Sensabaugh (DAL) - 86
Nate Allen (PHI) - 86
Craig Dahl (STL) - 85
Husain Abdullah (MIN) - 85
Quintin Mikell (PHI) - 85
C.C. Brown (DET) - 83
Alan Ball (DAL) - 81

Ryan Longwell (MIN) - 98
Rian Lindell (BUF) - 97
Jason Hanson (DET) - 96
Dan Carpenter (MIA) - 95
Nate Kaeding (SD) - 95
Adam Vinatieri (IND) - 94
Stephen Gostkowski (NE) - 94
Josh Scobee (JAC) - 93
Rob Bironas (TEN) - 93
Sebastian Janikowski (OAK) - 93
Neil Rackers (HOU) - 92
Joe Nedney (SF) - 92
Mason Crosby (GB) - 92
Robbie Gould (CHI) - 92
John Kasay (CAR) - 91
David Akers (PHI) - 91
Lawrence Tynes (NYG) - 91
Mike Nugent (CIN) - 90
Matt Prater (DEN) - 90
Josh Brown (STL) - 90
Matt Bryant (ATL) - 90
Phil Dawson (CLE) - 89
Billy Cundiff (BAL) - 89
Shaun Suisham (PIT) - 89
Jay Feely (ARI) - 89
Connor Barth (TB) - 89
Nick Folk (NYJ) - 88
Ryan Succop (KC) - 88
David Buehler (DAL) - 88
Olindo Mare (SEA) - 87
Garrett Hartley (NO) - 87
Graham Gano (WAS) - 86

Shane Lechler (OAK) - 99
Brian Moorman (BUF) - 98
Dustin Colquitt (KC) - 96
Brandon Fields (MIA) - 95
Steve Weatherford (NYJ) - 94
Andy Lee (SF) - 93
Britton Colquitt (DEN) - 91
Chris Bryan (TB) - 91
Matt Turk (HOU) - 90
Mike Scifres (SD) - 90
Donnie Jones (STL) - 90
Sav Rocca (PHI) - 90
Adam Podlesh (JAC) - 89
Craig Hentrich (TEN) - 89
Zoltan Mesko (NE) - 89
Mat McBriar (DAL) - 89
Reggie Hodges (CLE) - 88
Sam Koch (BAL) - 88
Jon Ryan (SEA) - 88
Tim Masthay (GB) - 88
Chris Kluwe (MIN) - 88
Kevin Huber (CIN) - 87
Daniel Sepulveda (PIT) - 87
Ben Graham (ARI) - 87
Nick Harris (DET) - 87
Jason Baker (CAR) - 87
Josh Bidwell (WAS) - 87
Pat McAfee (IND) - 86
Brad Maynard (CHI) - 86
Thomas Morstead (NO) - 86
Michael Koenen (ATL) - 86
Matt Dodge (NYG) - 85

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wildcard NFL Power Rankings and Predictions: Playoff Schedule revealed

This will be my final power rankings this season, let's see where each team stands after the regular season concludes. Week 17 included a few surprises and several heartaches for fans of certain teams. But now we know who will be in the playoffs and who won't. I will not try my best to predict each playoff game.

Biggest Winner: Houston Texans (+7)
Biggest Loser: Minnesota Vikings, St. Louis Rams, Cleveland Browns (-4)

1. New England Patriots (14-2, +0): As much as it infuriated me to watch the Week 17 matchup between the Dolphins and the Pats, I have accepted that the Patriots are the best team in the NFL at the moment. Bill Belichick has done a fantastic job coaching this team this season. Earlier in the season, there were so many question marks about the Pats defense, how well they could play offensively without Randy Moss, but they were able to overcome all that and come out on top. The turning point of the season for them was when they got embarrassed by Cleveland - they used that loss as motivation to improve.

2. Atlanta Falcons (13-3, +0): They took care of business at home to wrap up the division and home-field advantage in the NFC, unlike their rivals, the Saints, who dropped at home last week. Granted, all they had to do was demolish the Panthers, but it is the thought that counts. In the Georgia Dome, the Falcons should be favored against anyone in the playoffs. They have a very good chance at a Super Bowl run this season.

3. Baltimore Ravens (12-4, +0): Likely the best team that will not have a first round bye. Although they were not able to secure the AFC North from the Steelers, I like Baltimore's chances this postseason. They have a lethal combination of a good offense led by Cam Cameron and a defense that has been potent for years. Any team playing the Ravens better watch out - they will play hard against any opponent even if they have to do it on the road.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4, +2): Talk about a statement win for the Steelers, who demolished the Browns 41-9 in Week 17 to clinch the AFC North. The Browns were considered no pushovers going into this game - especially at home, and was considered a team that was likely to get an upset. Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Wallace sure had something to say about that! It's not so much they won, it was how they won, that impressed me. After securing a first round bye and a home game after that, the Steelers are in a strong position. But if they want to get to the Championship, they will still have to likely face the Patriots. And that didn't turn out too well last time.

5. New Orleans Saints (11-5, -1): Granted, the Falcons did end up winning so the game was technically meaningless for the Saints, but I'm disappointed nonetheless about their loss to the Bucs. I mean, the Falcons losing wouldn't be the strangest thing that ever happened in the NFL, there was still a pretty good reason to play. Drew Brees and the Saints offense looked lost. Luckily for them, they virtually get a first-round bye anyway as they have the distinct pleasure of playing the 7-9 Seahawks in the Wildcard round.

6. Philadelphia Eagles (10-6, -1): They rested their starters as expected against the Dallas, seeing as they were locked into the No. 3 NFC seed no matter what. Kevin Kolb tried to lead a victory, but ultimately he was not able to. I was still somewhat impressed by the level of depth the Eagles have, though. Despite mostly starting the 2nd team, the Eagles kept in close and aspired to win. This team has depth. And with Michael Vick at the helm, they will threaten any team with their deadly offense.

7. Green Bay Packers (10-6, +0): Having been in playoff mode for some weeks now, they did it. They are in the actual playoffs. Now, what remains to be seen is how well they will be able to play against the Eagles, whom will be their Wildcard opponents. The Packers defense looked great against the Bears in Week 17 but they will face a much larger challenge against the Michael Vick-led Eagles. When Aaron Rodgers and Michael Vick clash next Sunday, you better be prepared for a high-scoring affair!

8. Chicago Bears (11-5, +0): Having already clinched the NFC North, they had nothing to play for against the Packers except to eliminate their hated division rivals. I was quite surprised that they actually started everyone the entire game, but you could tell that they probably weren't as in it as they could have been. At least they have a first-round bye to think it over.

9. New York Jets (11-5, +0): The Jets made it, and played pretty great against the Bills considering they didn't have much to play for. Now they face the Colts, who eliminated them in the playoffs last season, in a matchup that will surely be interesting. These Indianapolis Colts are not the same as last season, and the Jets wish to prove that they are indeed much improved from last season. Last year, they did pretty well as a wildcard team, and one would be a fool to claim they don't have a chance to make a splash, again.

10. Indianapolis Colts (10-6, +0): Ultimately, Peyton Manning does what he must for the Colts. While it wasn't pretty against the Titans, they were able to squeak by and clinch the AFC South. However, their first opponent, the Jets, will be no pushover. The Jets defense is a solid bunch and will cause problems for Peyton Manning. The key will be how well the Colts defense will play at home against a below-average Jets offense.

11. Kansas City Chiefs (10-6, +0): Having already clinched the AFC West, the Chiefs did not have much to play for against the Raiders, they were clearly holding back. Despite the loss, however, Jamaal Charles looked very solid even if his Quarterback, Matt Cassell did not. They better wake up from last week's performance though as Baltimore comes into town this weekend!

12. New York Giants (10-6, +0): They did their end of the bargain by beating the Redskins, but due to a Packers win, the Giants were eliminated. But in all honesty, they have no one to blame but themselves. They had their shot against the Packers the week prior, and blew it. They also had a chance against the Eagles but blew that as well. Their lack of a playoff appearance falls directly on their shoulders. The defense did not play well when they needed to, and Eli Manning went back to his turnover-prone ways (not to mention Ahmad Bradshaw's troubles in that area). Still, they may be the best team currently out of the playoffs.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-6, +1): I feel bad for the Buccaneers. They are so much improved over last season and earned their 10-6 record after beating the Saints with fire in their own dome. Still, before the day began, their hopes were considered a long-shot. They required both the Packers and Giants to lose, and neither happened. However, with much improvement they will go into the offseason with confidence. I think next season we can also expect to see a playoff run.

14. San Diego Chargers (9-7, -1): Having secured another winning record under Norv Turner, it appears his job is safe according to rumors coming out of San Diego. Like the Giants, they can blame mistakes for the lack of their playoff appearance. With how good both the Offense and Defense has played yardage-wise, their mistakes on Special teams and turnovers absolutely killed them this season. On a side note, Ryan Matthews looked like a star last week. If it weren't against the Broncos, I might be impressed.

15. Oakland Raiders (8-8, +1): There are rumors flying around that Tom Cable may be out in Oakland. I would view this as another grave mistake on behalf of Al Davis, but I suppose that would not surprise me. The Raiders have played great this season. 6-0 in the AFC West, and playing exactly like Al Davis likes. Why fire the head coach after so much improvement? Makes no sense. Would be another poor move on behalf of Al Davis.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-8, -1): Being demolished when they had a shot at the division is not a good sign. Arian Foster just lit them up (which also cost me my fantasy championship, might I add!). There was no excuse. Jack Del Rio deserves to be fired for this mess. Granted, I'm probably a little biased since I hate Jack Del Rio, but still. With what was on the line for this Jaguars team, you'd think they'd play better. Instead, they are happy with yet another mediocre season.

17. Dallas Cowboys (6-10, +2): The Cowboys have confirmed that Jason Garrett will be back, and I must say I support this decision. Although it was only against the backups of the Eagles, the Cowboys showed that even with their 3rd string Quarterback, they are willing to fight for this coach. While I'm unsure how they will be able to address all the roster problems revealed in this season during the offseason, I will leave it to Jerry Jones to build both his team and its hype during that period.

18. Houston Texans (6-10, +7): Not much went right for the Texans towards the end of the season, but they defiantly went out with a bang! Against a Jaguars team that still had playoff hopes, they came out and dominated. I really think Arian Foster has several more years left as a good Runningback and if Matt Schaub can improve and they can improve their defensive secondary, they could be much better last season. To the surprise of most, the Texans claim that Gary Kubiak will return. I don't know how I feel about this, seeing as I believe he is holding them back. However, Kubiak has stated that if he does stay, he will look into bringing in Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator. If there is anything I trust Wade to do anymore, its to coach defensive secondaries. While I would consider it much better to get rid of Kubiak, the Texans do have hope even with him going into next season.

19. Miami Dolphins (7-9, -1): Head coach Tony Sparano preached about the importance of going 9-7 even without playoff hopes, but instead he went 7-9. I must say, I was never in the "Fire Sparano" boat of Dolphins fans until last game. Before Week 17, Sparano never lost his team but it seemed the Dolphins just quit on him during that last game against the Patriots. While I'm still leaning towards giving Sparano another chance due to really liking what Mike Nolan has done with the defense, I think that a change in offensive coordinator is in order. As well as fixing our major problems, the interior offensive line and Quarterback positions.

20. Detroit Lions (6-10, +4): Finishing off the season on a 4-game winning streak against fairly strong opponents will do loads for morale going into the next season. Keep in mind the roster that Jim Schwartz inherited was that of a 0-16 football team, change can't occur overnight. They now have a very solid core of players, and will look to make a big splash next season.

21. Minnesota Vikings (6-10, -4): After an exciting win against the Eagles Week 16, they follow it up with a disappointing loss to the division-rival Lions in Week 17. Still, what they saw from Leslie Frazier was apparently enough, since the rumor is they are going into contract negotiations with the interim coach. They enter the off-season last in the division with many positions needing to be addressed... chief among them, Quarterback, now that Brett Favre seems unlikely to return (but I would never rule him out).

22. Tennessee Titans (6-10, -2): They tried against the Colts, and that's the best I can really say about them. I remember earlier in the season when the Titans seemed like a virtual lock for the playoffs having defeated Philadelphia and signed Randy Moss. Since then, they just kept going downhill. The real question is who will be gone from Tennessee? Current relations between Jeff Fisher and Vince Young suggests one of the two won't be returning for next season.

23. Seattle Seahawks (7-9, +3): It is a horrible atrocity to see this team in the playoffs, they are awful beyond words. I remember watching last night's "NFC West Championship" last night and thinking without a doubt that neither of these teams deserved to be in the playoffs. Well, congratulations to the Seahawks, the first team in the playoffs with a losing record, you truly are the Best of the Worst! Enjoy being demolished by the Saints.

24. Washington Redskins (6-10, +0): It kind of disgusts me that the Redskins look better with Rex Grossman than Donovan McNabb, but whatever. In any event, Shanahan has improved this team I believe. McNabb is unlikely to return, so it will be interesting to see how they address the Quarterback position or if they are really going to stick with Grossman. As for McNabb, there are several teams looking for a Quarterback currently so he will find a job somewhere. Minnesota or Arizona come to mind the most.

25. St. Louis Rams (7-9, -4): The fact that they blew it was their own faults. They were probably the best team in the NFC West, and most likely to win a playoff game (they play okay at home), but they let the Seahawks beat them out. Sam Bradford looked lost. The Rams played pretty well defensively, enough to win, but the Rams could not get anything going on offense. Oh well, there is always next season. Let's see what the kid can do with some legitimate receivers to throw to.

26. Cleveland Browns (5-11, -4): I must say, I was a Mangini supporter up until the last game. A 41-9 loss proves that he has lost the team, and a chance was needed. The Browns were the first to make their head-coaching change official, and for some reason a little birdie in my ear is telling me "John Gruden" as his successor. We shall see.

27. Cincinnati Bengals (4-12, +1): I was still pretty impressed how well they played against Baltimore in the season's final game. However, that does not change that this season will be considered a huge disaster. 10-6 last season with many picking them to be Super Bowl contenders, they go 4-12 after picking up a big-name WR that even ended up being pretty productive. While Chad Ochocinco's comments are rarely wise, he may be right that it is time to find a new coaching staff for these Cincinnati Bengals.

28. San Francisco 49ers (6-10, +1): Pretty impressive win for the 49ers. Shows the potential they have without Mike Singletary running the helm. Still, they have a lot of work to do in the offseason. Who will they get to be GM? Who will they get as head coach? How will they address the Quarterback need? The offensive line? The defensive secondary? The receivers? While this team can be considered solid in some areas, they still have a lot of areas that need improving. Luckily, they are in the NFC West.

29. Buffalo Bills (4-12, -2): They had a falling out late in the season, but Chan Gailey showed some things that made some believe he may be the right man for this job. The Quarterback position was surprisingly filled by Ryan Fitzpatrick, so now they need to build on their other weaknesses, like the offensive line and defensive line / linebackers. Some interesting news for them is that it seems that Shawn Merriman wants to return to the Bills for at least next year. This surprises many who thought he would want to pack it up for a big-town team. Not a bad turn of events for Buffalo, they could certainly use the OLB help.

30. Denver Broncos (4-12, +1): So is Tebow the real-deal? I guess we'll find out next season with whoever they decide to bring in as head coach. This Broncos team however has a lot of holes that need to be addressed, most of them on the defensive side of the football. As for Kyle Orton, I'm curious to see what becomes of him. Are they content enough with Tebow to let him walk? If he does become available, I would not mind seeing him in a Dolphins uniform next season.

31. Arizona Cardinals (5-11, -1): It is never a good sign when a team gets demolished the last game of the season against a poor division rival, but that is exactly what happened to the Cardinals. Granted, they were down to their what - 6th guy to play the Quarterback position this season? But still, Ken Whisenhunt for all the credit he gets for being an "offensive genius" sure didn't show it this season. I'm starting to wonder if he can run a legitimate offense without a future-HOF Quarterback at the helm.

32. Carolina Panthers (2-14, +0): John Fox was fired unofficially before the game was played, that came to surprise of no one. He did lead the Panthers to the worst team in the NFL, winning only two games. With the first overall pick of the draft, I expect them to take Andrew Luck. As for who will coach the Panthers, my first suspicion is Bill Cowher, but I will wait and see.

Predictions for Next Week

Prediction accuracy for Last Week: 11-5 (68.75%)
Overall prediction accuracy: 122-72 (62.88%)

New Orleans (11-5) @ Seattle (7-9): New Orleans by 14. This game has the potential of being the largest blowout in playoff history. The former-Champs, the Saints, will play the first losing-record team ever in the playoffs. The Seahawks have problems on both sides of the ball. Expect to see the Seahawks struggle to move the ball while the Saints score via the air or the ground at whim. I will be highly surprised if this particular prediction is wrong.

New York J (11-5) @ Indianapolis (10-6): New York J by 3. Slightly harder to call, but I'll go with my gut instinct that the Jets will be victorious over the Colts. At home, the Colts do have a chance to get pressure on Mark Sanchez with their dominating defensive-line, but Peyton Manning may struggle since he has struggled this season and the Jets have a good defensive secondary with lots of pressure packages.

Baltimore (12-4) @ Kansas City (10-6): Baltimore by 10. Nothing personal against the Chiefs, but I really like the Ravens this season. The Chiefs secondary has been abused this season, and Joe Flacco is having his best season yet as Ravens Quarterback. I like Joe Flacco to systematically dink and dunk past the Chiefs. On the other side of the ball, the Ravens have one of the league's best defenses and while Matt Cassel also had a good year I do not think he has what it takes to lead them to a victory here. Not to mention Baltimore's dominating run defense which will give Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones problems.

Green Bay (10-6) @ Philadelphia (10-6): Philadelphia by 7. This should be a fun game to watch, my two favorite Quarterbacks in the NFL going at it. Both teams have playmakers on both sides of the ball, but Philadelphia is the healthier team right now and Michael Vick creates a dynamic offense. Unlike the Packers, Philadelphia can run the ball and the Packers will struggle to get pressure on Michael Vick in the same way they got pressure against Jay Cutler.

Results of Last Week's Poll

Last week, I asked my readers "Which currently-out, but still alive, team is most likely to take a playoff spot in Week 17?" between the Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, or Seattle Seahawks?

The poll was dominated by, as expected, the Seattle Seahawks with 60% of the vote. Those who voted that way would be correct - all they had to do was win to be in and did end up making it despite their 7-9 record. Both the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Buccaneers also got a vote, to bring them up to 20% each, and the New York Giants got no love.

In my opinion, quite a few players got snubbed in the Pro Bowl selection so this week's poll is "Which non-Pro Bowler should be in the Pro Bowl?" between Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Browns Runningback Peyton Hillis, Titans Runningback Chris Johnson, Dolphins Fullback Lousaka Polite, Chiefs Quarterback Matt Cassel, or Cardinals Wide-receiver Larry Fitzgerald?

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