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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reallife Pokemon Tournament with Cash Prizes

Hey, guys. Wanted to highlight something I've been working on recently that I think is really cool. You may or may not be familiar with King of the Couch (KOTC) tournaments. They're an organization sponsored by Gamestop to run gaming tournaments. Their past events have had great success running competitive tournaments for various games including Madden, Call of Duty, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and more. My friend and I were recently contacted about expanding this to Pokemon tournaments. If interested, it'll be in Morristown, New Jersey on May 7, starting at about 11 am. Even if you aren't competitive but just a fan of Pokemon, it should be worth your while to show up. After all, they'll be plenty of people around to battle / trade with casually. Or you could enter any of the other tournaments they'll be offering that day. If interested, here are the Pokemon rules for these tournaments:

KOTC now offers Pokemon tournaments. Pokemon tournaments will be Round Robin, with a number of rounds determined by the number of players. After the Round Robin, the top players will enter a single elimination tournament to determine the winner. We will offer two types of tournaments, free “Casual” tournaments with no prizes and pay-to-enter “Competitive” tournaments with cash prizes determined by the number of players who enter.

$20 to enter – Up to $500 Grand Prize

In order to play KOTC tournaments, you must own a Nintendo DS with working wireless connection and your own copy of Pokemon Black or White. Default KOTC tournaments use Level 100 Single battles with the following restrictions to teams & in-battle rules:

Your team must not contain any of the following Pokemon:

Sleep Clause – You cannot select a move that causes sleep on an enemy Pokemon if one or more of their party is already asleep by one of your effects (Note: If the opponent is asleep by his own effect, such as Rest, this does not count towards Sleep Clause).

Species Clause – You cannot use more than 1 of the same species of Pokemon in your team.

Evasion Clause – You cannot use moves that raise evasion, such as Double Team or Minimize.

OHKO Clause – You cannot use moves that have a chance to one-hit KO the enemy Pokemon, such as Fissure.

Hax Items Clause – You cannot use the following items: Quick Claw, Focus Band, Razor Claw, Scope Lens, Razor Fang, King’s Rock, Brightpower, and Lax Insense.

Self KO Clause – If a tie occurs, the controller of the effect that caused the tie loses. This is the case with Explosion, Self Destruct, Perish Song, Destiny Bond, Sandstorm, Life Orb, etc.

Static Teams - As you enter the tournament, you must register a 6-Pokemon team and a 3-Pokemon substitute team. In the middle of rounds, you may swap substitutes with Pokemon in your main team at your discretion. However, you may not switch Pokemon with Pokemon that are not registered.

45 Minute Timed - Each round will last 45 minutes to ensure the tournament runs smoothly. If at the end of the round some games are not completed, stop play and seek a tournament official. Then, overtime regulations will apply. Each player will receive and additional 3 turns. At the end of these 3 turns, the player with the most Pokemon remaining is declared the winner. If they are tied, the player with the Active Pokemon with the highest HP is declared the winner. If this is tied, the match continues until the first change of either of those conditions.

Please note that all teams in KOTC tournaments must be able to have been obtained through normal gameplay. Using moves, abilities, stats, etc. that are not possible through normal gameplay or have not been released are not allowed. For example, using unreleased Dream World abilities or items that are unobtainable in Black and White like Soul Dew is not permitted. Our stance on hacking is currently a don’t ask, don’t tell approach. As long as hacked Pokemon do not exceed what is normally possible, we will allow them.

As a courtesy, it is strongly recommended that players interested in our Competitive tournaments research and are aware of mechanics like IVs, EVs and breeding if they do not already know them. These mechanics are vital to competitive success.

Infractions policy:

If at any time you have a question during a match about tournament rules or want to report your opponent for breaking a rule, you may call a tournament official during your match. The tournament official will make a judgment based on our infractions policy. Note that a tournament official's judgment is final. If you believe the tournament official made an incorrect judgment, you may after your match report it to the head tournament official.

Game Rules Policy - Sometimes, either accidentally or purposefully, a player may break a tournament rule highlighted above. This includes but is not limited to the Gameplay Clauses listed above, or even something like arriving at your match for a round more than 10 minutes late. Breaking any of these Game Rules will result in a match loss. In some cases, the player may have to change their active team to adhere to the Game Rules again (in such cases as Species Clause, Evasion Clause, OHKO Clause, or Hax Items Clause).

Cheating Policy - Cheating is strictly forbidden and enforced in KOTC tournaments. This category includes but is not limited to using a hacked Pokemon beyond the normal limits of gameplay, watching the opponent's screen to see what move he/she picked, seeking gameplay help from others during a tournament game, using an unregistered Pokemon, or tournament fraud. Breaking the cheating policy will result in disqualification, no matter what the offense.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct Policy - Participants of KOTC tournaments are expected to display a certain amount of sportsmanship. This category includes but is not limited to using excessive foul language, verbal abuse to other gamers, or offenses like trying to stall for time (not in gameplay, but in move selection to try to stall for the 45 Time Limit, moves are expected to be selected in 30 seconds at the longest). Breaking the sportsmanlike conduct policy will first result in a warning. The second offense will be a match loss, and a third offense will be disqualification.

If you have any questions regarding these POKEMON rules, feel free to contact me at pokemoshpit@gmail.com.

More info about the event and such here on KOTC's website: http://kotcnation.com/kotc/2011/04/genes-oct-2nd-v-17-nj/

RSVP on our Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=180316818682411

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NSFL: Taco Bowl!

Follow the NSFL here: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=433824 

Well here it is at last, the NSL Taco Bowl. Who will end up champion with the Guacamole Trophy and who will end up going home with the painful runner-up trophy? Find out here:
Eastchester Bay Jokers (13-3) vs Las Vegas Casinos (11-5): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u2zTwigW8M

Forte was the Taco Bowl MVP.

Really, now. No peeking. Unless you want to:
Eastchester Bay Jokers 27, Las Vegas Casinos 30

Super Bowl MVP:
Matt Forte: 76 yards on 18 attempts (4.22 YPC). 3 touchdowns and 0 fumbles. 11 yards on 3 catches (3.67 YPC). 0 touchdowns and 0 fumbles.

Although Forte won MVP, my personal opinion is that Reggie Bush was the real game-changer. While the Jokers seemed to dominate on both sides of the ball the entire game, it was Reggie Bush's constant good returns that gave the Casinos the edge they needed to overcome the Jokers.

If you're interested in playing next season as a GM, there may be slots opening up. So keep an eye out for that. Thanks for watching, everyone. ;)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nachomon: Revised Pokemon Type Chart

Thought I'd share this. Been working on and off on my own Pokemon game (actually called Nachomon) and one of the things I decided to do is a major type revision. A lot of the types are still there but renamed, but I've also added/expanded on a few. I also changed the weakness/resistance/immunity table by like, a lot. Maybe this will interest someone. Any suggestions would be neat, too.

Strong: none
Ineffective: Rock, Metal
Worthless: Incorporeal
Weak: Melee
Resist: None
Immune: Incorporeal
Notes: Begging-level Nachomon like small animals are of this type. Base stats are generally below average, but specialize in either Attack or HP normally. Attacks of this type are generally weak, but also contain buff and debuff moves. Normal is strong against no other type, but is also only weak to a single type, Melee.

Strong: Plant, Cold, Insect, Undead, Metal
Ineffective: Heat, Rock, Dragon, Space, Water
Worthless: None
Weak: Water, Cold, Wind, Earth, Rock, Space
Resist: Heat, Plant, Insect, Metal
Immune: None
Notes: Heat Nachomon specialize in Heat and Fire moves. They typically have high Magic Attack and Speed. Attacks of this type are generally Magical and offensive with a chance to inflict Burn on the enemy. Heat is disadvantaged with usually low defenses & HP and a large amount of weaknesses.

Strong: Heat, Acid, Earth, Rock
Ineffective: Water, Dragon
Worthless: Plant
Weak: Cold, Thunder, Plant
Resist: Water, Metal, Heat
Immune: None
Notes: Nachomon of the Water type use Water to their advantage. They typically have good Magic Defense and HP. Their moves are typically Magical, and contain some defensive buffs for the user. Water is disadvantaged by having low Attack and Defense stat usually.

Strong: Water, Wind, Dragon, Metal
Ineffective: Thunder, Plant, Light, Technology
Worthless: Earth
Weak: Earth, Technology
Resist: Thunder, Wind, Metal
Immune: None
Notes: Thunder Nachomon use Electricity, Lightning, and Thunder to overwhelm enemies. They typically have a very good Speed & Magic Defense stat. Their moves have chances to inflict Paralysis on the enemy. Thunder is disadvantaged by having low Defense.

Strong: Water, Earth, Technology
Ineffective: Heat, Acid, Dragon, Metal, Space
Worthless: None
Weak: Heat, Cold, Acid, Insect, Space
Resist: Thunder, Earth, Rock, Technology
Immune: Water, Light
Notes: Plant Nachomon have the power of Nature on their side. They typically have good defenses and are aided by two immunities. Attacks of this type inflict several different status effects & debuffs to opponents, while using many support moves to help themselves and the team. Plant is disadvantaged by being a poor offensive type & typically low attack stats.

Strong: Heat, Water, Plant, Insect, Rock
Ineffective: Cold, Dragon, Metal, Space
Worthless: None
Weak: Heat, Melee, Metal
Resist: Cold, Insect
Immune: None
Notes: Cold is the opposite of Heat, focusing on freezing enemies using Cold & Ice. Nachomon of this type usually have good Magic Attack & Magic Defense. Moves of this type have a chance to freeze enemies. Cold is disadvantaged by usually low Attack & Defense stats.

Strong: Normal, Cold, Rock, Metal, Dark
Ineffective: Melee, Acid, Arcane, Insect, Undead, Light
Worthless: Incorporeal
Weak: Wind, Arcane, Undead, Light, Technology
Resist: Melee, Acid, Insect, Rock, Dark
Immune: None
Notes: Melee Nachomon use their Fighting abilities to aid them in combat, whether they are Warriors or Martial artists. Melee Nachomon usually have good Attack and Defense. Moves of this type are usually quite powerful and physical. Melee is disadvantaged by low Magic stats usually.

Strong: Plant, Insect, Metal
Ineffective: Melee, Arcane, Undead
Worthless: Acid, Technology
Weak: Water, Earth, Arcane, Technology
Resist: Plant, Melee, Insect, Undead, Metal
Immune: Acid
Notes: Acid uses a variety of Acids & Poisons to overwhelm opponents. They typically have above average defenses and attack. Acid moves usually focus on destroying opponents in other ways, like Poison. Acid is disadvantaged by a large amount of types that Resist it & two types that are immune (including itself). One note is that Acid Pokemon have a special ability that they are immune to be Poisoned.

Strong: Heat, Thunder, Acid, Rock, Metal
Ineffective: Plant, Insect
Worthless: Wind, Space
Weak: Water, Plant, Wind
Resist: Rock, Metal, Technology
Immune: Thunder
Notes: Earth Nachomon use the power of the Earth as their offensive tool. Most have very good Attack and good HP. They focus usually on damaging moves and moves with secondary debuff effects. Earth is disadvantaged by having two types immune to it and typically having low speed.

Strong: Heat, Melee, Earth, Insect
Ineffective: Thunder, Rock, Metal, Space
Worthless: None
Weak: Thunder, Rock, Space
Resist: Melee, Insect
Immune: Earth
Notes: Wind Nachomon use the power of Wind and Flying abilities to evade attacks and deal damage. Wind Nachomon have outstanding Speed. Several Wind moves are based on evading the attacks of opponents. Wind is disadvantaged by having below average stats aside from Speed.

Strong: Melee, Acid, Space, Technology
Ineffective: Arcane, Metal
Worthless: Dark
Weak: Insect, Dark, Incorporeal
Resist: Melee, Acid, Arcane, Space
Immune: None
Notes: Arcane Pokemon use magic and mind abilities to overwhelm opponents. They typically have outstanding Magic Attack & good Magic Defense. Arcane attacks usually are quite offensive, but also have several support moves weaved in. Arcane is disadvantaged by having very low physical stats & HP.

Strong: Plant, Arcane, Dragon, Dark
Ineffective: Heat, Cold, Acid, Wind, Rock, Metal, Incorporeal
Worthless: None
Weak: Heat, Cold, Acid, Wind, Rock
Resist: Melee, Earth, Technology
Immune: None
Notes: Insect Nachomon are some of the first Nachomon a new Trainer finds on his journey. They evolve early on, but typically have below average stats. Many types resist & are strong against insect. Still, Insect has some key strengths notable against Arcane & Dragon, which are hard to hit with other types. Insect moves are generally physically offensive and rely with debuff moves & secondary effects.

Strong: Heat, Wind, Insect
Ineffective: Melee, Earth, Metal
Worthless: Metal
Weak: Water, Cold, Melee, Metal
Resist: Normal, Heat, Wind, Insect, Technology
Immune: None
Notes: Rock Nachomon are Rock-hard! They typically have outstanding Defense and having several useful resistances. Rock moves focus on mostly buffs and moves that indirectly damage the foe & help themselves. They are disadvantaged usually by having low Special and Speed stats and having some inconvenient weaknesses.

Strong: Melee, Dark, Technology
Ineffective: Acid, Light, Rock, Metal
Worthless: Incorporeal
Weak: Heat, Arcane, Light
Resist: Melee, Acid, Dark, Technology
Immune: None
Notes: Undead Nachomon are filled of zombies or ghosts of deceased Nachomon, not quite ready to depart into the afterlife. They are usually very hard to kill, with good HP and defenses with solid attack. Undead Nachomon have a large variety of debuff, status, and support moves to outlast its enemies. Undead Nachomon typically have very low speed.

Strong: Dragon
Ineffective: Metal
Worthless: None
Weak: Thunder, Insect, Dragon
Resist: Heat, Water, Plant, Cold
Immune: None
Notes: Dragon Nachomon are the rarest & among the most powerful Nachomon in existence. They are quite useful due to their lack of common Weaknesses and useful resistances & typically above average stats. Apart from themselves, only Thunder and Insect are effective against Dragons. As an attacking stat, Dragon moves are average. They are helped by having only one type that resists it, but they are only good against other Dragons.

Strong: Arcane, Light, Space
Ineffective: Melee, Undead
Worthless: None
Weak: Melee, Insect, Undead, Light
Resist: Space, Incorporeal
Immune: Arcane
Notes: Dark Nachomon use underhanded tactics to get the edge. They usually have outstanding Attack with good Magic attack. Dark moves are typically physical with several useful secondary effects. They are disadvantaged by having less than average HP and defenses.

Strong: Cold, Rock, Light
Ineffective: Heat, Water, Thunder, Acid, Earth, Metal
Worthless: None
Weak: Heat, Thunder, Melee, Acid, Earth
Resist: Normal, Plant, Cold, Wind, Arcane, Insect, Rock, Undead, Dragon, Metal, Light
Immune: None
Notes: Metal is one of the best defensive types for Nachomon known. They usually have good defensive stats and HP which is aided by their huge list of resistances. Metal moves contain a few buffs & physical attacking moves mostly. They are disadvantaged by being a poor offensive type due to a large amoung of Nachomon resistant to it & having some annoying weaknesses.

Strong: Melee, Undead, Dark, Incorporeal
Ineffective: Metal, Space, Technology
Worthless: Plant
Weak: Dark, Metal, Space, Technology
Resist: Thunder, Melee, Undead
Immune: None
Notes: Light are a type of righteous Nachomon sticking to law, order, and justice. Nachomon of this type typically have outstanding HP and good Magic defense. Light moves contain many support and buff moves. They are disadvantaged by low attacking stats usually.

Strong: Heat, Plant, Wind, Light
Ineffective: Dark, Arcane, Technology
Worthless: None
Weak: Dark, Arcane, Technology
Resist: Heat, Plant, Cold, Wind, Light
Immune: Earth
Notes: Space Nachomon are not of this world! They use the power of Space and Time to their advantage. They typically have outstanding Magic defense & good attack. Space moves contain a few buff & debuff moves but also some very powerful attacks. They are disadvantaged by having low HP & defense usually.

Strong: Arcane, Incorporeal, Technology
Ineffective: Dark
Worthless: Normal
Weak: Light, Incorporeal
Resist: Insect, Technology
Immune: Normal, Melee, Undead
Notes: Incorporeal Nachomon are Nachomon who lack a physical shape or body, whether it is due to being a Ghost or even Virtual projection. Incorporeal Nachomon have no usual stats, and their stats are mostly based on their other type (there is no pure Incorporeal Nachomon). Incorporeal Nachomon have the advantage of having the most immunities in the game, 3. Incorporeal moves have a variety of buff, debuff, and support moves.

Strong: Thunder, Melee, Acid, Light, Space
Ineffective: Plant, Earth, Insect, Rock, Undead
Worthless: None
Weak: Plant, Arcane, Incorporeal
Resist: Thunder, Plant, Light, Space
Immune: Acid
Notes: Technology Nachomon are Nachomon that are artificial, man-made. They typically have above average stats aside from Magic stats. Technology moves vary greatly between powerhouse attacks & a variety of support moves. Technology Nachomon have the added bonus of being completely immune to all forms of status.

NSFL: Conference Championships

Follow the NSFL here: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=433824

The Conference Championships have been posted. Which teams will play in the first-ever Taco Bowl? Find out:

Queefy Potatoes (9-6) @ Eastchester Bay Jokers (12-3): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQKKXP1mc-I
Miami Dolphins (9-6) @ Las Vegas Casinos (10-5)*: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exAg1gaocNE

*Game of the Week

Jammer's pick six helped ensure victory for the Casinos.

And the scores:

Queefy Potatoes 9 @ Eastchester Bay Jokers 21
Miami Dolphins 20 @ Las Vegas Casinos 31

Players of the Week:
Darren McFadden (EB): 108 yards on 15 attempts (7.20 YPC). 1 touchdowns and 0 fumbles. 23 yards on 1 catches (23.00 YPC). 1 touchdowns and 0 fumbles.
Quentin Jammer (LV): 1 tackles, 4 coverages, 1 interceptions, 1 touchdowns. 

And finally..., the Taco Bowl will feature these two teams:


Who will win? ... Find out Tuesday.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NSFL: Divisional Playoffs

Follow the NSFL here: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=433824 

Alright, divisional playoffs time... who will move on and who will go home? Find out by watching this week's exciting games:

Appalachian White Lightning (8-6) @ Eastchester Bay Jokers (11-3): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F-O-NDOWz0
Toronto Assassins (8-6) @ Queefy Potatoes (8-6)*: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDC2P16Wd_g
Miami Dolphins (8-6) @ Motor City Machine Gunners (9-5): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UoV0dxhxAQ
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-6) @ Las Vegas Casinos (9-5): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GK5Bjvzwko

*Game of the Week


And here are the scores:

Appalachian White Lightning 21 @ Eastchester Bay Jokers 26
Toronto Assassins 24 @ Queefy Potatoes 27
Miami Dolphins 27 @ Motor City Machine Gunners 21
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17 @ Las Vegas Casinos 20 

McFadden helped keep the Jokers moving strong.
Players of the Week:
Darren McFadden (EB): 177 yards on 21 attempts (8.43 YPC). 1 touchdowns and 0 fumbles. 26 yards on 3 catches (8.67 YPC). 0 touchdowns and 0 fumbles.
Tramon Williams (QUE): 5 tackles, 2 coverages, 1 forced fumbles, 1 recovered fumbles. 122 yards on 12 returns (10.17 YPR). 0 touchdowns.
Troy Polamalu (MIA): 5 tackles, 2 coverages, 1 interceptions.
Brandon Marshall (LV): 127 yards on 7 catches (18.14 YPC). 1 touchdowns and 0 fumbles.

Next week's Conference Championship matchups:
Queefy Potatoes (9-6) @ Eastchester Bay Jokers (12-3)
Miami Dolphins (9-6) @ Las Vegas Casinos (10-5)