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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NSFL Season 2 Draft

Season 2 (Summer 2011)'s draft is commencing, don't be left out of this action, going on here:

There are several rules changes from the first season to this one, highlighted here:

  • Defensive schemes. The ability to run the 3-4 defense as opposed to the 4-3. This will be a new coaching philosophy.
  • Coaches. Teams will be able to draft a Head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, and special teams coordinator (these will replace Special Teams units). Coaches can provide small "coaching bonuses" to players of certain positions on a team.
  • Expanded rosters. The practice squad will be expanded from 3 players to 8. This and the addition of coaches will likely increase the Keeper Tags each team receives in future off-seasons.
  • Kick-offs will be moved to 35 yard line, as per the new NFL rule.
  • Additional roster flexibility. Now, players can start at any position. Obviously, its still highly recommended to start them as their listed position or a similar position.

Also, here have been several owner & team changes from Season 1 to Season 2. Here are Season 2's teams and owners:

Red Division

Erie Admirals
(Previously the Queefy Potatoes)
Owner: Tk3
Last Record: 8-6
First 3 Selections: DE Osi Umenyiora, CB Patrick Peterson, FS Earl Thomas
Previously the Queefy Potatoes led by GM jcrell623 who unfortunately had to drop the team due to reallife issues, the new owner Tk3 is aggressively seeking trades early in Season 2 to make this "his team". While this team won the Red Division last season with a record of 8-6, they were plagued by inconsistent play all season, all the way up to their disappointing 21-9 loss in the Conference championships to the Eastchester Bay Jokers. Retaining offensive hero Adrian Peterson and several key defensive players off of keepers, Tk3 seems to keep this team defense-oriented, as Erie has targeted defense early in this year's draft. Tk3 also seems to value youth - and drafts for the future instead of just this season.

Houston Bulls
(Previously the Los Angeles Hoodrats)
Owner: JackHammer3
Last Record: 7-7
First 3 Selections: RB Arian Foster, WR Brandon Lloyd, DT Marcell Dareus
The Hoodrats are expected to move from Los Angeles soon, as previous owner jmack923 had to drop the league for reallife issues mid-draft. He is being replaced by new user JackHammer3, who made OT Donald Penn his first selection as GM, appearing to want to build this team from the trenches. Still armed with offensive weapons QB Drew Brees and WR Dwayne Bowe from last season, this team hopes to overcome some bad luck it saw last season and continue with its dominating offense to improve from last year's disappointing 7-7.

East Carolina Pirates
Owner: RuskieTitan
Last Record: 7-7
First 3 Selections: QB Matt Ryan, CB Jonathan Joseph, WR Santonio Holmes
Last season, it appeared going into the final two games that the Pirates were going to make the playoffs, and likely the Red Division crown. This did not happen, as the Pirates lost two straight, finishing a disappointing 7-7. Owner RuskieTitan is unlikely to switch from the 4-3 defense that brought him success last season, retaining both DE Justin Tuck and DT Ndamukong Suh. Early in the draft, however, the Pirates seem to be trying to build a formidable offense. In addition to RB Chris Johnson who returned as a keeper, the Pirates used their first selection on QB Matt Ryan, who they hope will be an upgrade to Eli Manning, and WR Santonio Holmes. Can the Pirates build an offense to go with their stingy Season 1 defense? We shall see.

Baltimore Ravens
Owner: ravens5520
Last Record: 4-10
First 3 Selections: RB Rashard Mendenhall, QB Matt Schaub, OG Carl Nicks
Baltimore is coming off a rough 4-10 season, trying to build anew. Disappointed by their Season 1 running game, the Ravens have targeted offense early in the Season 2 draft, using their first selection on RB Rashard Mendenhall and other early picks to build their offensive line, adding OG Carl Nicks and OT Russell Okung. They also decided to go against bringing back the interception-prone Michael Vick in favor of a better passer, QB Matt Schaub, who was obtained in the second round.

Blue Division

Cedar Rapids Barnstormers
(Previously the Eastchester Bay Jokers) 
Owner: Its A Sabatoge
Last Record: 11-3
First 3 Selections: DT Terrance Knighton, CB Tramon Williams, DE Carlos Dunlap
After finishing the runner-up and with the highest regular season record last season, PhiCelek87, the old GM of the Eastchester Bay Jokers, mysteriously disappeared, leaving the Eastchester Bay Jokers to be claimed by a new GM. Its A Sabatoge, FootballsFuture veteran and moderator, was up to the challenge, to bring the franchise from runner-up to champion. After moving the franchise to Cedar Rapids, the new GM seems to want to continue the franchise's tradition of defense, bringing back All-Pros like CB Darrelle Revis and DE Jared Allen while also addressing defense with its first three picks.

Toronto Assassins
Owner: x0x
Last Record: 8-6
First 3 Selections: WR Wes Welker, CB DeAngelo Hall, OC Mike Martz
x0x is likely the most aggressive GM in the league. Last season in Season 1, he was known for constantly changing his coaching philosophies and was quick to bench players under-performing. This has not changed in Season 2, as the Assassins were involved already in three trades, including bringing in DT Kevin Williams and WR Greg Jennings. While their trading frenzy only left them with two picks as of yet, their recieving corp is already complete, with a scary combination of Vincent Jackson, Greg Jennings with Wes Welker in the slot. Whatever Quarterback they choose to bring in will have an easy time with those guys as his targets.

San Antonio Hammers
(Previously the Appalachian White Lightning)
Owner: epicjets29
Last Record: 8-6
First 3 Selections: OT Jordan Gross, ILB DeMeco Ryans, DE Robert Mathis
After sneaking into the playoffs last season, the Appalachian White Lightning were without an owner after former-GM devils1852 announced that he was too busy to continue with the league. He was succeeded by epicjets29, who moved the team to San Antonio. epicjets29, being a Jets fan, obviously believes in defense first, and has already outlined his plans for an exciting 4-3 defense in San Antonio bringing in DE Robert Mathis and ILB DeMeco Ryans in within his first three picks.

Kansas City Knights
Owner: PSID412
Last Record: 3-11
First 3 Selections: WR Mike Wallace, OLB Lance Briggs, HC Bill Belichick
After finishing Season 1 with the first overall pick under their belt, GM PSID412 vowed to turn around the team. After trading down from the first overall pick with Toronto in exchange for some veteran players like QB Josh Freeman and TE Antonio Gates as well as some keeper tags, the Knights had the most Keepers in the league. Wanting to rebound from last season, they decided to pick a Head Coach before any other team with their selection of Bill Belichick in the third round, stating that "Last Season, we were the worst, so we'll bring in the best". We will see if their strategy will help this franchise rebound in Season 2.

Green Division

Las Vegas Casinos
Owner: steelcurtain29
Last Record: 9-5
First 3 Selections: OG Chris Snee, WR Steve Smith (CAR), WR Marques Colston
Last year's Taco Bowl champions are back with GM steelcurtain29, looking to find another championship. After parting ways with Taco Bowl MVP Matt Forte, the Casinos seem to be focusing on giving retained QB Ben Roethlisberger additional offensive weapons, keeping TE Dallas Clark and bringing in two WR weapons in the first three rounds. Repeating is never easy, but the Casinos believe it is possible.

Alaska Popsicles
(Previously the Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
Owner: drdoomiq
Last Record: 8-6
First 3 Selections: CB Charles Woodson, RB Frank Gore, FS Nick Collins
bucstopshere was another GM from Season 1 who could not return this season, mostly due to reallife complications. He was replaced by drdoomiq, a GM from the original NSFL (recall, this league is the second league in existence by that name). He decided to move the team to Alaska, a cold frigid environment that will hopefully give him severe home-field advantage within his new stadium, "The Icebox". So far, his GM career is highlighted by trading WR Greg Jennings for the first overall pick and additional third and fourth round selections from Toronto. He seems to be the type of GM who likes to bring in the best talent available, regardless of need.

Miami Dolphins
Owner: FinsWin
Last Record: 8-6
First 3 Selections: WR Brandon Marshall, ILB Karlos Dansby, DE Justin Smith
The Miami Dolphins are a team that is looking to switch to the new 3-4 defensive scheme, drafting ILB Karlos Dansby and top-end 3-4 DE Justin Smith early. After their late season run last season, the Dolphins believe they are on the right track and are looking to this draft to set themselves apart from other Green Division teams.

Harlem Notrotters
Owner: Remixxxxxxx
Last Record: 8-6
First 3 Selections: OG Jahri Evans, OT Jason Peters, OLB Brian Orakpo
The Harlem Notrotters finished fourth in the Green Division last season with a record of 8-6. They were the only 8-6 team to miss the playoffs, and you'd be a fool to think they haven't forgotten. The Notrotters have a solid cast from last season, retaining QB Philip Rivers and WR Roddy White from last season, the two key players of the league's best passing attack. GM Remixxxxxxx viewed his offensive line as his largest offensive weakness last season, and has targeted it accordingly in this draft, using his first two selections on OG Jahri Evans and OT Jason Peters.

Yellow Division

Motor City Machine Gunners
Owner: Lionsfanforever
Last Record: 9-5
First 3 Selections: C Alex Mack, CB Dunta Robinson, ILB A.J. Hawk
While some attribute Motor City's success last season to their weak division, GM Lionsfanforever would disagree with them. At its core, Motor City has a solid cast of keepers, starting with first overall pick in the Inaugural draft QB Tom Brady. Motor City has looked to add talent on both sides of the ball early, as they try to repeat as Yellow Division champs (and 1st seed). They definitely want to avoid their playoff run being cut short again, as it did last season.

Pittsburgh Waffles
Owner: waffles7
Last Record: 7-7
First 3 Selections: RB Steven Jackson, WR DeSean Jackson, DT Casey Hampton
The Pittsburgh Waffles were one win away from winning the Yellow Division last season, so don't think they are too far off from success. Early in this draft, they looked to improve their lackluster offense from Season 1, bringing in RB Steven Jackson (who had a great season for the Knights in Season 1) and WR DeSean Jackson to give a big-play weapon to young QB Sam Bradford. They also nabbed who they consider to be the best NT in the draft, Casey Hampton, to help set up their switch to the 3-4.

Seattle Seahawks
Owner: Seahawks22
Last Record: 4-10
First 3 Selections: QB Michael Vick, ILB Brian Urlacher, SS Adrian Wilson
No team was more disappointed with the lack of the ability to run a 3-4 last season than the Seattle Seahawks, having both 3-4 OLB sack artists Clay Matthews and DeMarcus Ware and top NT Jay Ratliff. Now that the 3-4 has been implemented, however, the Seahawks look to have a top-end defense in Season 2, adding ILB Brian Urlacher to the mix with SS Adrian Wilson. They also want to add some big-play potential to their run-first offense from last season led by RB Jamaal Charles by adding QB Michael Vick to go along with WR Andre Johnson. The Seahawks could seriously become one of the scariest teams in Season 2.

Rhode Island Majors
Owner: mgoblue44
Last Record: 3-11
First 3 Selections: DE John Abraham, WR Sidney Rice, OLB Brian Cushing
Last season's 3-11 record may have been one of the largest fumbles we've seen in QB Peyton Manning's career, and seriously hurts the credibility of GM mgoblue44, whose all-time win record record dropped to 5-19, a league low 20.83%. Still, he refuses to give up, deciding to GM for the Majors another season. Will his luck turn around this season? Rhode Island hopes so. So far, they have targeted key 4-3 personnel in DE John Abraham and OLB Brian Cushing, while finally giving Peyton Manning a real WR weapon with Sidney Rice in the second round. The Majors on paper have potential to be a very solid team. Will they show it in Season 2 is the real question.

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