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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mumblings of a Sidekick

Sidekicks. No one ever remembers the sidekicks from Saturday morning cartoons. Instead, they are forgotten, sometimes even more so than the generic villains they defeat. It's not always the case that they are useless, either. Some are quite strong, quite powerful, quite witty. But their curse is and will always be being within the shadow of someone greater, whom they know they will never overcome.

How did I, then, become a sidekick? It was not my strength, nor power, nor wit that was lacking. In fact, I was considered quite gifted. I'm as strong as an ox, have the powers of the best, and exceptionally smart. My potential was limitless. But sometimes it can be the case, usually in fact, talent and potential is less of a blessing and more of a curse. Talent spawns arrogance, which spawns sloth and deprives character. For me, it was not a matter of out-doing anyone, but that was the problem. I lacked the drive... that feeling you get when you're cornered against a wall with little chance of escape, and with everything to lose.

It would've been so easy for me to succeed with the gifts I had received. But I squandered my time and fell short of easily-met goals. And for that, I am and will forever be a sidekick. In the shadow of those I ought to lead.

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  1. Sidekicks do it better. Out of the spotlight and imto the action. Go sidekicks!