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Monday, September 19, 2011

American Football Simulator, Distribution 2011.2

NOTICE: This version of the AFS is OUTDATED. Please look for the new version at thekillernacho.blogspot.com under the "American Football Simulator" label.

Hello there, everyone! Its time for another distribution for the AFS 2011. This version's packed with new features, and improvements. Here's the complete list of added goodies:
2011.2 Changes
  • Predictions made in Game Center now gives more detailed information about averages (Prediction mode simulates 1,000 games).
  • Game Center updated to include Play by Play tab. Before, you had to open Game doc to get the Play by Play.
  • Updated “Play” mode to include new plays. Plays are now actual plays, and should be more realistic in simulation (no more 2 yard Hail Marys). Also, when you play a game, each team gets a “Coach Rating” (viewable on the Game Center after the game) which is a positive or negative number reflecting your OFFENSIVE playcalling (how well you can predict your opponent). The opponent's number can be used to see your defensive playcalling.
  • Simulation engine updated for more accurate simulations.
  • New season mode – Season Draft. This mode allows you to run a season using drafted teams. One can either use the 2011 rosters for this (default) or draft using Custom or Random teams. Players in the Free Agent folder are INCLUDED in this draft (when not using Random). If you do not want these Free Agents included, either rename the folder or delete all files in that folder.
  • Season mode keeps tracks a few new statistics... Punts, Punts forced, Points / Points allowed per Quarter.
  • New stat added for players, Agility. Agility is used by Runningbacks to avoid tacklers (Break Tackle breaks tackles, in contrast). Agility is important for Runningbacks to break off big gains. Agility is also used by Kick / Punt returners (this replaces the Catching stat from being used).
  • The AFS root directory is significantly changed. The root directory only contains source code and executable files now. All other files the AFS needs can be found in AppData folder (it is strongly recommended you do not mess with this folder!). Data folder contains folders to store Teams, Players, Coaches, Exported Stats, and Logs (the AFS will use these folders by default). Documentation folder contains AFS documentation (like this file). Graphics folder contains endzone and logo folder for teams. Place endzone and logo images in these folders (with the same name as the team you want to assign them to).
  • Several small GUI improvements.
  • Removed the NFL2010 folder due to it being outdated.
  • Added new Fun teams. Also added UFL teams (for fun).
  • Combined the Blocking and Run Blocking stat into a single stat, Blocking. Pass Blocking is renamed to Pass Protection.
  • Updated rosters for latest off-season changes, new player rankings, and Agility.

Just a reminder.
1. Because the AFS is written in Java, you will need to make sure you have the most recent Java Runtimes installed on your computer here.
2. Extract the zip file to where you want the AFS to be installed.
3. You should be able to run the AFS simply by running "RunMe.jar" in the AFS's main directory. Also, if you want to create a shortcut, create a shortcut to this file.
4. If this doesn't work, try running "DebugMode.bat".
5. If there are any other problems, feel free to contact me at timothyjsharpe@yahoo.com.



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