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Thursday, March 8, 2012

TheKillerNacho's Youtube FAQ.


The heartless bastards at Youtube felt it necessary to lower the character limit for channel description in the name of "progress", so I had to move my F.A.Q. here.

Q) How do you record your Pokemon Wi-Fi Battles?
A) I follow these steps:
1. I play the game on my R4, a Nintendo DS flashcart. A flashcart is a Nintendo DS cartridge that allows you to play with a Rom on the DS itself.
2. When I play a battle that I want to post, I will save that battle to my VS Recorder in-game.
3. I upload my Pokemon save file to the computer, and open it using an emulator (DeSmuME for Gen V).
4. I play the VS Recorder recording of the battle and record it to a video using a free screen recorder, CamStudio.
5. I edit and narrate that video with either Windows Movie Maker or Sony Vegas.

Q) How do you do the backgrounds for your Pokemon Wi-Fi Battle videos? Will you ever do these again for your Gen 5 videos?
A) The background done in my later Gen IV videos is done with Sony Vegas, but its not a free program. I'm not going to explain the specifics, Sony Vegas is pretty complicated. Also no, I don't plan to add these to my Gen 5 videos since it isn't necessary with Team Preview, and the process is quite time-consuming.

Q) How do you get so many Level 100 Pokemon?
A) First of all, in Gen IV, there was an option to set your Pokemon to Level 100 for the battle only on Wifi. In Gen V, that is no longer possible. I do use Pokegen, a Pokemon savefile editor to create my Pokemon. I do not breed or EV train by hand. In Generation IV, I used a similar program called Pokesav.

Q) What must I do to use Pokesav/Pokegen?
A) While I believe both applications have the ability to export Pokemon to Action Replay codes, the easiest way (and the method I use) is to edit the save file directly. You'll need a way to access your save file, though. Most people, including myself, play on a flash cart.

Q) Do you use Pokegen/Pokesav? Do you care about my opinion about Pokegen/Pokesav?
A) Yes, see above. No, I don't care what your opinion about Pokesav is. If its really a big deal to you, don't battle me or watch my videos.

Q) I thought you quit?!
A) I decided to come back since Gen 5 was interesting enough to me.

Q) Are you only going to do Gen V battles now?
A) Yes, I plan to only post Gen V battles. Gen IV is in the past for me.

Q) How long do you plan to stay back for Gen V?
A) Until I get bored of it.

Q) Will you battle me?
A) No, I do not accept challenges over Youtube.

Q) What chatrooms can I find you in?
A) The only chatroom I really use now is TPX. Sometimes I'll go to the Serebii chatroom if I can't find anyone there, though. Keep in mind there are impostors of me everywhere. In fact, usually I use a different alias than TheKillerNacho. See the About Me section for my B/W credentials so you can confirm someone is me.

Q) What rules do you use?
A) Look down. The rules I use are listed below.

Q) What emulators and other programs do you use for your videos?
A) For Gen IV, I used No$Gba. For Gen V, DeSmuME works better. My GBC emulator of choice is known as KiGB. I use CamStudio as a screen recorder, and use both Windows Movie Maker and/or Sony Vegas to edit my videos.

Q) Where can I download / buy X?
A) Google is your friend. You can find anything on Google. R4s are no longer being made, so you'll have to do research. I heard good things about Acekard, a newer DS flash card.

Q) Do you narrate before or after recording?
A) For both battles and playthroughs, I post-narrate. The reason is simple, I'm a horrible multi-tasker. I do try to say whatever I was thinking at the time, though.

Q) Why don't you stretch your videos to 16:9? Did you know you could do that?
A) Yes, I know about it. But the DS screen is not 16:9 so the resulting video looks stretched. I personally hate when YTers do this, and prefer the black box around my videos.

Q) You made a narration/pronunciation mistake in one of your videos!!
A) I really don't care about that. Although if I said something that was incorrect (a fact, not a mistake in a Pokemon/Move name or something), feel free to correct me. As for pronunciation, I don't care a rat's ass if I pronounce their names right or wrong. I'll say them as I think they are pronounced.

Q) I bet I could beat you in Pokemons!!!
A) Good for you. Here's a cookie.

I'll add to this FAQ as soon as questions become common & annoying enough that I no longer feel like answering them. Toodles!


  1. hi, sorry if this is no the place made for someone to leave a question but i dont know where else can i make contact with you.

    so, heres my problem. i dont own a R4 so i start to use pokegen (i actually dont know if u know how to programm exactlyy works but well) and obviously i make legal my pkmn but im a great fan of ur "counter" gengar" and as u know that move can only be obtained in gen 3. i tryed to set up anythyng as it cames from gen 3 and transfer lab but i can still no make it pass to online.
    so can u help me out and tell me how to do it?

    ps. i dont mean to offend you or try to steal ur ideas also i apolgice for the creepy english.

    ill wait for ur reply here in this comment

  2. Replies
    1. ummm well the netwokr detects a problem with it and doesnt let me battle with it or trade it

    2. There could be any number of problems with it... if you pass me the pkm file somehow, I'd take a look.

  3. I'm looking to get back at pokemon, and am going to buy a handheld DS. Which one should I buy? 3DS or DSi XL? What do you use, though?

    1. Also, I only want to play Pokemon and nothing more. And I'm kinda worried that future Pokemon games like Black 2 and White 2 will not work on DSi XL (which I like more because of the bigger screen). Or it won't be like that? Thanks in advance

    2. I use the DS Lite.

      Pokemon Black and White 2 have been confirmed to be for the DS, so you shouldn't need the 3DS to play them.

  4. Hey nacho, whens your next open challenge day? I want to hang out and battle with you and some other players.

  5. Hey mate,
    Im looking for some battles since I recently started playing Pokemon again. Do you happen to know a good places to find people willing to battle me(Note I only have Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platium and SS)

    Thanks in advance

  6. Do you post the battle videos on WiFi? I would really like to watch your battle videos on my DS, specifically magikarp sweeps.

  7. Hi Killer Nacho! Just wanted to let you know I love your Wifi battles, I feel like I've learned a lot from watching you play and narrate. I'm currently following your Liquid Crystal playthrough, and watching your Yellow playthrough on the side. I did have one question though that I didn't see in the FAQ above, which is, why do you hate Pikachus?

    Haha just wanted to know if there was some story or something behind it, like there was for your why you hate the Squirtle chain story. ^^;;

    Either way, thanks for reading, and I'll keep stalking! XD

    1. Heh... I'm pretty sure I answered this somewhere in my videos.

      I just never liked it, even as a kid. I thought it was an annoying yellow rat that was better off evolved into Raichu and I couldn't understand why it was so popular.

    2. Ahhhh okay! Haha that makes perfect sense! Thanks so much for answering! :D