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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Experimental Dragon Team for Blood Bowl

Recently, I've been playing a lot of Blood Bowl on fumbbl.com. Through playing, I thought it would be fun to try to make my own teams for experimental purposes. The following team is what I came up with.


The dragon lords of Korath have always been fans of Blood Bowl, watching games from afar on Cabal Vision. While there have been attempts before to allow Dragons to play in the league, Blood Bowl commissioners have always denied their requests on the basis that they are just too powerful. With desire among dragons on the rise, they sent one of their Half-Dragon Dragon Knights to have a little "chat" with the commissioner. That commissioner was later found dead with scratch and claw marks. His replacement decided that having dragons in the league wouldn't be such a bad idea, after all, so long as there was a limit the number of actual dragons.

  QT   Player type              MA ST AG AV Skills Improvements
normal double
0-1 Black Wyrm 3 8 4 10 Poor Hands, Hexproof, Fireproof, Fire Breath, Flying S GAP 200k
0-1 Red Wyrm 4 7 4 10 Poor Hands, Fireproof, Fire Breath, Flying S GAP 180k
0-1 Green Wyrm 4 7 3 10 Poor Hands, Wild Animal, Fireproof, Fire Breath, Flying S GAP 170k
0-4 Dragon Knight 6 3 3 9 Block, Flying GS AP 100k
0-16 Skink 8 2 3 9 Dodge, Stunty A GSP 60k

0-8 Re-roll counters: 80,000 gold pieces each.

New abilities:
Poor Hands (Extraordinary): This player's hands are so large or small, that it is extremely hard for them to pick up the ball or catch it! When this player attempts to catch or pick pu the ball, treat this player's agility as 3 less (minimum 1) than its listed Agility.

Flying (Mutation): This player has wings or some alternative method to fly. This, the player can ignore tackle zones of any opponent without Flying.

Fire Breath (Extraordinary): This player's firey breath can be used as a weapon! Instead of blocking during a Block or Blitz action, the player can do a fire breath attack, which affects all players in a 3-space line starting from the player with Fire Breath. Every player in that area (starting with the player closest to the source of the attack) can immediately attempt to dodge to an adjacent space to avoid the attack. A failed dodge in this way does not make the player fall down, but makes it stay in the square it was dodging from. All players who remain in the area of effect without Fireproof immediately roll an Armour roll and take the result (including any Injuries). If an allied player is knocked down in this way, it is a turnover.

Fireproof (Mutation): This player is unaffected by a Wizard's fireball and the Fire Breath ability (they still may attempt to dodge a Fire Breath attack, though).

Hexproof (Extraordinary): This player is immune to all Wizard spells.

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