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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thais Prime

Thain Republic insignia
As those who read about my Tactia Camaign Setting are aware, the Thain Republic is often cited as the beacon of hope, freedom, and civilized behavior in the Tactian world. While modern Thais is full of harmony and peace, with a rich, fair political structure and booming economy, it wasn't always that way. Like most nations, Thais faced its bumps and bruises in its development, and started like many other kingdoms of a day.

1000 years ago, the Thain Republic had not yet been born. It was dark times for the entire Thain continent - but none was more dark than the future beacon of light, Thais, or as it was once known: Thais Prime. Like most small kingdoms, Thais was born from an alliance of land-owning nobles, desiring better protection and power than the currently had. The most powerful of these nobles, Tibianus, eventually ascended to the "royal" throne, the king of the Thain Kingdom. Since then, Thais has prospered... At least, those who controlled it. While Thais did not have as much trouble with in-fighting nobles as other Kingdoms, it was far from pretty. The entire society was based upon exploitation. The King exploited the Nobles, who exploited the Peasants. The Priests, abused God to abuse the King (and the Nobles). In a sense, there was balance. But in another sense, utter chaos. Such lack of order could not possibly last. It was at this point where Thais was at the brink of revolution.

Map of Thais Prime, 500 AD
Notable locations:
  1. Thais Castle
  2. Thain Senate
  3. Frodo's Pub
  4. Guard Station
  5. Library
  6. Apartments / Inn
  7. Depot / Bank
  8. The Great Temple
  9. Armory
  10. Magician's Guild
  11. Temple of War
  12. Spiritkeep (Barracks)
  13. Docks / Shipyard
  14. Sanctuary Park
  15. Bazaar
  16. Outer Ranches

The above is how the old Thais Prime appeared 1000 years ago, or 500 AD. Unlike the united group of Terrans we see today, the Thais Kingdom of old was filled with segregation. The very city itself was carved into several distinct pieces. While the entire city was walled to help against invasion, inside the city, as you can see, unity is far from the goal. Thais Prime was separated into eight individual districts- which determined what that land could be used for, by who, and to what end.

The top left district of the city, cut off from the rest of Thai from the Thain River, was (and still is) known as the Royal district (Purple). It was here in which King Tibianus and his eventual heirs would live, ruling over Thais with an iron fist. Since the island the castle rests upon is elevated, the King can easily oversee virtually the entire city, and the surrounding countryside. Surrounding the Royal district, the King keeps the hands that do his bidding, the Governmental District (Pink). There, the centerpiece being the Senate building, elected nobles take care of petty incidents that the King not worry about, and advise the King when important decisions. Also there lives the town guards, who uphold the law created by the King and his nobles and keeps the order and loyalty from the Terran citizens living in the rest of the city.

Despite the unfortunate current state of leadership, Thais Prime was still the center of trade in its known world. Its largest district was its Market district (Light blue), located in the very center where each faction met. There, traders from around the world and from within barter their goods, services, and assistance. While some of the richer nobles could afford shops on one of the many pleasant Market district streets, most of the traders do business within the Great Bazaar. Next to the Market district lies the Business district (Gold). There, industry is at the heart. Not only does it contain the location of Thais' largest and most reliable bank and deposit boxes, it is also the home where many businessmen and craftsmen do their work before shipping the results to the Bazaar. Another location of note within this district is the Thais Shipyard, which would eventually aid the Thain Republic in developing their devastating Navy. And let's not forget about the Farming district (Dark green), where strong Thain agricultural tradition is carried out, supporting Thais Prime in all of its affairs.

Below the Business district lies the heart of old Thais philosophy, theology and religion: The Religious district (White). There, monks and clerics work up in their segregated ranks to beocme leaders in the Thain faith. Within the center of the Religious district lies the Great Temple, built by their Gods in a day, to serve as a reminder of their strength and control over the Thain people. According to Thain legend, the Thain Gods destined the Thai to become the greatest Kingdom there ever was. It is important for the Thai to gain favor form their God, for it is divine favor, not weapons, that win wars and earn territory. For that reason, the religious caste holds considerable power over the rest of Thai; over peasants, nobles, and even the King himself.

Even the residential areas in Thais Prime are segregated. While the rich can afford to live with luxury in large mansions within the Noble district (Red), once known as the Residential district, the poor and the peasants quickly found that they had little ways to secure jobs or shelter within a booming and inflated Thain economy. The King, "with all his grace" decided to remedy the problem, granting construction on the Sanctuary district (Yellow), which was to be originally used as temporary housing while the poorer of Thain society could get on their feat. Due to the cruel marketplace, little resources of the peasants, and discrimination in the workplace, however, very few would ever earn enough to escape it. The Sanctuary district became the Slums, a black mark on an otherwise beautiful Thai. Since it was in such bad condition and the living conditions were so poor, many Nobles prefer to pretend that it does not exist, thankful that the filth of the Peasant class could be contained in one, easy to forget about, location. Still, it was from this very district, where the citizens were becoming more and more restless about the current administration, that change was born.

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