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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tactia Campaign Setting

This post is about the campaign setting in which I sort of created (it is loosely based off of the world of the MMORPG, Tibia). It's the one I use to play with my friends from Messiah College. I thought it would be easier to post it online for easy-access and to show it off. Maybe other people would be interested in using it in the future.
Campaign Supplement: Setting
The Tibia Continent

The Thain Continent

In many ways, the Thain continent is the center of the world of Tactia. The Thain Continent was the main setting of the original campaign, where a group of six brave adventurers was able to avert the destruction of the world as we know it. The culture and geography of Thais is vast and rich. The diversity really defines the region, and it is divided into four major factions: the imperial elves of Ab'Dendriel, an alliance of the Gnome and Dwarf kingdoms known as the Kazordoon Allaince, the economic nation of Venore, and the Thain Republic. There are also smaller factions, mostly pacifists, outlaws, and rebels who do not ally themselves with the four major ones.

It is also the location, unbeknownst to most of its citizens, of the four legendary Orbs, which holds the entire plane together. There are four of these Orbs of legend: the Black Orb, White Orb, Red Orb, and Blue Orb. They are currently being guarded by the original adventurers whom saved them. The Black Orb is currently being guarded by Constance and Kaylce in Thais. The Blue Orb is being taken care of by Kellen, who resides in the Magic Forest. The Red Orb is under the protection of King Namelessq of Kazordoon, and the White Orb is in the hands of Waywocket of Ironguard.

Ab'Dendriel Empire

In many ways, this is the newest faction to rise in the Thain Continent. The greedy and powerful elf nation of Ab'Dendriel, however, is ancient. Among the first of the races to be created on the Tactia plane, the Elves of Ab'Dendriel have a feeling of superiority compared to other races. They find the wide-spread human race very primitive. To them, humans live out short meaningless lives which main purpose is to reproduce, like vermin. The dwarves are even worse, savages living under the Earth devoting their lives to disgusting metal-work. While the orcs share the elves' alignment, they find their orcish brotheren to be far too stupid and hasty to have any use to them. Their kin, the drow elves, are too happy and good-aligned, a weak elf race compared to them. The one race that the elves seem to respect are the gnomes, who are almost as ancient as they are and are adept in arcane magic. But even then, it is more of a fascination than anything else.

Still, even despite these feelings, the Ab'Dendriel elves remained fairly neutral in the events of the world until recently. Armed with powerful elf wizards and swordsmen, hostilities between their neighbor, Carlin arose for unknown reasons. Ab'Dendriel called it a “civil dispute”. Nevertheless, Ab'Dendriel conquered Carlin three years prior to the campaign with little effort. Carlin cried out to its neighbors, the Thain Republic and Kazordoon Allaince, but neither of them wanted to help Carlin, who was unpopular in world affairs. This conflict seemed to fuel elf elitism, and they quickly conquered the neighboring territory. What their plans are now are anyone's guess, but it is doubtful that the newly founded Ab'Dendriel Empire will be willing to stop with just the northern part of the continent...

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Primary Races: Elf, Human
System of Government: Empire
Capital City: Ab'Dendriel
Leader: Emperor T'all


Ab'Dendriel is the capital of the empire of the same name, an ancient city of Elves in, and surrounded by, the Magic Forest. Perhaps the capital of magic in the world, Ab'Dendriel is still extremely closed off from the outside world. They loathe outsiders, and there are very few non-elves who has ever visited Ab'Dendriel and lived to tell the tale.


Carlin was a city of proud humans, a matriarchy that lasted for several centuries. Carlin society was a female-dominated society. The women were the warriors, while the men tended to economic and agricultural endeavors. Still, any Carlin woman one meets is very strong and intimidating. Prior to the invasion, it was ruled by Queen Daxen IV. However, after the invasion, the Queen went missing (and presumed dead). Now, imperial elf soldiers roam the streets of Carlin, forcing labor of its citizens for the economic growth of the Empire. Several resistance sects exist within the city, but they are usually crushed quickly by the powerful magic at Ab'Dendriel's disposal.


Northport used to be a small port town, ruled by Carlin, before the Ab'Dendriel elves got their hands on it. Ab'Dendriel was able to keep good relations to other nations and cities trading with Northport, and it became very profitable to them.

Magic Forest

Knowing the contents of the Magic Forest, one can almost not even blame the elves who dwell in it to have turned out so bad. The Magic Forest may sound like a cheery place, but do not get confused by the name. The Magic Forest is filled with dark arcane magic and evil, terrifying beasts. It is a great strategical advantage to Ab'Dendriel, as it acts as a natural defense for their capital city. If the elves of Ab'Dendriel don't kill their intruders, one can be almost certain the dangers of the Magic Forest will.

The Ghostlands

Thought by many to be just a Carlin superstition, the Ghostlands are actually a large plains area to the west of Carlin. Carlin lore tells otherwise, however, and tell that the location was home to a great battle that lasted for a long time with no conclusion. They say that the battle rages onward in the incorporeal realms, and these warriors were never able to be quite put to rest.

Kazordoon Alliance

The Kazordoon Alliance, is, as the name suggests, not really a nation at all but the co-operation of the two nations of Femur Hills working together. The treaty was forged about 20 years prior to the campaign by the leader of both kingdoms (King Namelassq of Kazordoon and Supreme Leader Waywocket of Ironguard) to better protect the two orbs that each have in their possession (Of course, this actual reason for the treaty is not well known). This tightly knit treaty allows both nations to function as one, known as the Kazordoon Alliance. The treaty makes the faction considerably more powerful and influential. While they are normally peaceful and neutral to most conflicts that do not directly involve themselves, their ability to defend themselves is very powerful due to the threat of combining skilled Dwarven warriors with powerful Gnome bards and illusionists, forming a very well-balanced army.

However, despite these strengths, there is some internal conflict. The Gnomes of Ironguard have always been puzzled with the treaty, since they did not understand their Supreme Leader's reasons for forming the treaty to begin with. Very few enemies of the Gnomes exist, so they see it as a pointless treaty that only benefits the Dwarves. Further, Gnomes find the Dwarves as too serious and a species that needs to “lighten up”, while the Dwarves find the Gnomes to be chaotic creatures with little honor. While both respect the treaty between their two people, hostilities between the two races make the co-operation forced, not desired by most citizens.

Alignment: Chaotic Good (gnomes) and True Neutral (dwarves)
Primary Races: Dwarf, Gnome
System of Government: Two separate Monarchies, working together
Capital City: Kazordoon
Leader: King Namelessq and Supreme Leader Waywocket


A city deep underground in Femur Hills, Kazordoon was, for most of its existence, hidden from the outside world until it was discovered by Thain explorer Kona. Since then, the dwarves of Kazordoon have not minded relations with their overworld neighbors due to the trade opportunities gained. Kazordoon is the primary source of the valuable mithril, something they can trade for key other supplies from the outside world. The outside world has aided them too, with the introduction of crossbows to Dwarven society, a weapon that revolutionized Dwarven warfare. Despite welcoming outsiders for trade, Kazordoon is still somewhat untrusting of overworlders, especially elves, and usually wish to remain neutral in their chaotic and meaningless affairs.


No one knows where the gnomes of Ironguard came from, but they have been there for a very, very long time. Most wizards and scholars believe that the gnomes aren't native to this world at all, and are instead a race of outsiders who became trapped in this world and eventually evolved to live in this environment. No matter how they came to be here, they are the lone other kingdom within Femur Hills. Gnomes, unlike Dwarves, love outsiders and have good relations to their Thain neighbors and have enjoyed the company and trade of Thais since before anyone can remember.

Femur Hills

Perhaps an inappropriate name, Femur Hills is actually not “Hills” at all, but rather a chain of tall mountains. No one really knows how the name came to be. Perhaps to the dwarves, the Femur Hills were too small in comparison to their underground mines and tunnels, so “hill” was the closest a translation from Dwarf to Common could give them. Or maybe it was the name given to them by the hill giants and cyclops who roam the tops of these mountains. Wherever the name came from, the Femur Hills are perhaps the Thain Continent's largest natural obstacle and home of hundreds of creatures.

Mount Sternum

Mount Sternum is a landmark known because it is the tallest mountain known in the world. While no human hiker dare climb it due to it being the home of a clan of hill giants along with other terrible beasts, Mount Sternum is truly a sight to behold.


Built up from the ground of dangerous and toxic swamps, the beautiful and wondrous city of Venore is a tribute to its people. The drive of the people of Venore is unparalleled, they are extremely dedicated folk. This dedication has brought them great wealth, as they are a nation of merchants, traders, and nobility despite the poisonous swamps that surround them. As a nation, its economic power far outweighs its military power, however. The small military that Venore does have, however, is made up by mercenaries and bounty hunters. The Venore government would rather hire skilled adventurers as assassins, bodyguards, townguard, and soldiers rather than recruit from their own people. They spend a great deal on the security of their nation, since without it, they have little ways to defend themselves.

However, not is all fine and well within the nation of Venore. Venore is ruled by a very powerful high-class, which is also the majority of the nation. However, there is a poor minority that lives in lower levels of the city, closer to the smelly and toxic swamps. Living conditions for the poor of Venore society is very bad. However, moving up in Venore society is not hard provided one is a skilled merchant. When trading with Venorians, one must realize that while they always keep their word, they are sly and always try to cheat and rip off whomever they deal with. Venorians will rarely offer a fair trade if they can help it: There is simply no profit in fair trades.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Primary Races: Human
System of Government: Democracy
Capital City: Venore
Leader: President William Rendar


The capital of economic trade in the world and the luxury that goes with it, Venore is also the capital city of the Venore Kingdom. Although it should be noted that while the Venore Kingdom's borders are large, the only location of any real note is Venore itself. The Kingdom of Venore beyond Venore is mostly swamp. Venore itself is magnificent, built 20 feet above the swampy surface through towers and connecting bridges, spanning miles wide and long. There are different levels of the city, too. The higher levels are usually luxurious but only those who can afford to live there do, while the lower levels are usually occupied by the minority lower class who cannot afford to live elsewhere.

Venorian Swamps

Spanning most of the rest of the Kingdom of Venore, the Venorian swamps are far from a safe location. Home of many dangers and monsters, very few will venture into the swamps of they can help it. Venore does supply a bridge across the swamps all the way to the Kazordoon Alliance for those who want to visit Venore by land. Some kingdoms, like Thais, like to believe the Venorian Swamps as being almost metaphorical: showing the dangers and evils of the greed that is generated by money and too much economic expanse.

Swamp Troll Caves

A clan known as the swamp trolls are the largest troll kingdom known to exist in the Thain Continent. Considered mostly irrelevant, it is notable to very few insiders due to the fact that it was the location of the late Green Orb, which was destroyed and caused great destruction on the fabric of reality.

Thain Republic

Often cited as the center of freedom and civilization in the world, the Thain Republic is the nation in which most humans call home. Thais also has a high population of drow elves, dwarves, and gnomes who decided to settle in Thais due to it being a pleasant place to live. Even though it is a human society, humans of Thais prefer to refer to their race as terrans, to distinguish themselves from other human societies to whom they feel they are superior, like Carlin and Venore. Always rapidly expanding and always revolutionizing their knowledge in magic, warfare, trade, agriculture, and art, the terrans of Thais are well-meaning, moral, and productive. Ruled by a council, Thais also has a king that is mainly for tradition only. The King of Thais actually has very little power. The current King of Thais is King Skullen, ascending to the throne 10 years ago after the death of his grandfather, Bozo.

Thais also wields a considerably powerful army made up almost completely by volunteers. Thais does pay its guards and army well, but it is mostly the zeal that Thains feel to their country that compels them to join. Aided with the finest weaponry technology and powerful mages in addition to foot soldiers and cavalry, they are a force in battle if they ever need to defend themselves (or others). Thais also is considered to have the world's most powerful navy.

However with the great power and advancement (and arrogance), they have developed many enemies over the years. They aren't on very good terms with the Venorians (although they still trade with them), and have always had a fierce rivalry with the Kingdom of Carlin due to the fact that they disagreed with Carlin's matriarchy. In Thain society, men and women are equals and there are not clear defined roles for each gender. When Carlin was conquered by Ab'Dendriel, Thais chose to sit back and watch as their longest rivalry was brought to ruin, believing that they had it coming.

Alignment: Neutral Good
Primary Races: Mostly Human (terran), but also Gnome, Drow Elf, Dwarf
System of Government: Republic
Capital City: Thais
Leader: The Council of Thai


The capital of Thais and the largest human city on the Thain continent, the streets of Thais are just what you would expect from a medieval town. You will generally find anything you will look for in Thais. It is the home of many schools of magic, universities, schools of art and warfare guilds. Like any city, it also has its problems with a fairly high crime rate. Ruled by the Council of Thai, which is made up by senators. Every two years, the city of Thais holds an open meeting for all Thain citizens to discuss and vote on major issues and new senators. Each senator must be re-elected by this process every two years. Senators rarely serve more than a couple terms, since Thains are fearful of possible corruption in their government.


A northern port town part of the Thain Republic, Ribcage is often called “New Thais” by many of its citizens. This name is pretty close to the truth. While it was originally founded by those wanting to get far away from the tyranny of the old Thain Monarchy, this purpose has become irrelevant due to the formation of the Republic. It is theorized by Thain scholars that with the rate of expansion of both Thais and Ribcage, their borders will clash, and thus become one city, in just 50 years.


Fibula is an island to the east of the Thain mainland, home of the city of the same name. Fibula originally started as a Thain colony a couple hundred of years ago, but it formed its own culture and society apart from Thais throughout the years. There is a feeling of revolution among the Fibulan citizens, many are torn between wanting to stay loyal to Thais and wanting to become independent. It is not that Thain law does not work for the Fibulans, Thais has always been very good to Fibula. But since many Fibulans cannot make the trek to Thais every two years to vote on issues and new senators, some feel that since they are not being properly represented, it would be better to rule themselves. Still, Fibula lacks an army and is heavily dependent on the Thain economy which would make independence difficult.

Tibia Garrison

Tibia Garrison has stood for almost a century as a proud outer defense of Thais. Standing at the only land border in and out of Thais, this reduces the amount of unwanted guests that Thais receives and also acts as a first warning of a ground invasion in times of war. It is considered a great honor to defend Tibia Garrison, and it is the location of several great battles in which raids were squelched.

Ancient Temple

The ancient temple is an ancient ruin of ancient Thain society. On the surface, it looks like a simple holy temple to unknown gods. However, it is also the entrance to dangerous underground passageways leading to ancient gladiatorial pits and sacrifice chambers. Such a dungeon attracted many unwanted guests there including, but not limited to, trolls, ogres, goblins, minotaurs, and orcs. Rumor has it that the legendary minotaur city of Mintwallin exists somewhere deep in the caves of the Ancient Temple, but no one has been able to prove this.

Thain Forest, Thain Plains

Surrounding Thais is a large plans region and Forest region. These places are mostly regular for places of their type. Normal animals usually roam them, but there have been known to be occasional magical beasts roaming these locations. The Thain Plains is the home of Thais' national animal, the Griffon.

Orc Fortress

One of the few dangers existing within Thais. The Orc Fortress is its own independent city, often orchestrating raids (most of them failed) against Thais. The Thain army has tried to exterminate this threat many times but due to the fact that it is a well-defended fortress with thousands of orc defenders, destroying the Orc Fortress is no easy task.

Other Notable Locations

Of course, there are other locations that do not comply to any of the four major factions of the Thain continent. Most of the time, this is due to savages occupying the territory or it being extremely unlivable terrain. For whatever the reason, the fact that these areas are non-aligned are not merely chance.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil
Primary Races: Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Orc, and many others
System of Government: Anarchy
Leader: N/A

Raviga is one of the two non-aligned “cities” in the Thain continent. It was the natural evolution of the Outlaw Camp that used to occupy the area. Still, the city is mostly ruled by mob bosses and only the most devious and crafty individuals can live there. Most factions have no desire to conquer it, so it is relatively safe from attacks. The only time when other factions give involved in Raviga affairs is to track down their criminals which may be taking refuge there. One thing is sure, though: No one would want to live here if they can help it.

Amazon Camp

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Primary Races: Human
System of Government: Monarchy
Leader: Mistress Roxanna

The Amazon camp located on the northern end of the swamps, in Venore territory, is made up of survivors and escapees of the Carlin occupation. When a group of Carlin women first escaped, they needed a place to go that they would be relatively safe from Ab'Dendriel attack and that no one else would want to remove them. They found refuge in the swamps of Venore. The Venorians don't really care about their swamps, it is valueless to them. And the elves of Ab'Dendriel find swamps repulsive, not even chasing criminals is worth contaminating themselves. And while it is very tough to live in such conditions, the women of Carlin made it work to survive. However, no men live in the Amazon Camp so the women will occasionally visit Venore for the main purpose of impregnation to replenish society. Male children would be returned to their fathers in Venore. Life is simpler this way to the women of the Amazon Camp, without the weaker men in their society. Most inhabitants of the Amazon Camp view it as their permanent home. If and when Carlin is ever liberated, they hope to rejoin the kingdom, but remain in the Amazon Camp. They find life without males is... exhilarating.

Wolftower, Home of White Sun

Alignment: Lawful Good
Primary Races: Drow Elf
System of Government: Organization
Leader: Leader Zarathar

The Wolftower stands proudly in the desert of Zeklaus, home of the drow elf organization known as White Sun. White Sun is a charity organization of do-gooders, such as Paladins. They are the center of justice and defending of the weak in the Thain Continent. They view the elves of Ab'Dendriel as disgraceful and their war against Carlin equally wicked. While this is not a very well known fact to the outside world, they are currently building an army to try to aid Carlin in its effort to become free once again. While they are normally neutral in wars with no clear good or evil side (and finding such wars childish), they will try to help the weak and oppressed the best they can. Rumors have gone around that the drow elves are somehow supposed to be evil, which drow elves find repulsive and insulting. In reality, this claim is true, but only a few people in the world know this fact since history was changed with the destruction of the Green Orb.

Zeklaus Desert

A baron wasteland, very few living things can survive in Zeklaus Desert. The occupants of the Zeklaus Desert rely on this, both the White Sun clan and inhabitants of Raviga.

Plains of Havok

In all of the lands of the Thain Continent, not many dangers come close to that which can be found in the Plains of Havok. Many myths and religions point to the Plains of Havok being a place built by the gods, possibly where the gods reside themselves. These myths tell that the Plains of Havok is the fabric holding the mortal world to the other planes. For that reason, some of the most powerful beasts and outsiders roam the Plains of Havok. However, with all this mystery, the treasures from the Plains of Havok would be unimaginable. Only the bravest (or stupidest) adventurers take the challenge however, and those who do come back from the Plains of Havok come back with tails of great adventure.
Campaign Supplement: Beginning of the Campaign

This campaign will take place in the land of Tactia, starting in the Thain Continent. The PCs will start at Level 3. Attributes will use the Standard rolling system (4d6 - low roll). Mulligans are required for players whose total stat modifiers before adding race modifiers are below +3 or above +10. The player must play as a core race unless the GM explicitly allows otherwise. Players may choose from any non-evil alignment. The campaign will be using the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game system. Most 3.5 sources are also legal, with the exception of “Spell Compendium” for balancing reasons. Players will start the game with 1,000 (+500 for each level above the 3rd) gold to spend on items the character will possess prior to the campaign. None of this could will transfer into the game, and the players will start play with 10 (+5 for each level above 3rd) gold coins. Past players from the first campaign will be able to "inherit" one item from their past character to their new one, as long as there is an in-game reason why the two characters would at least know eachother. It should be noted that the GM reserves the right to edit inherited items and 3.5 sources at will for balancing issues. For that reason, it is highly recommended to send your character sheet to the GM before play. The game will use Medium Experience Point Progression. If a player is added mid-campaign or a current player wants to create a new character, that player will build a character one level lower than the lowest level player currently in the party.

Character back-stories are optional but highly recommended if you want to be engaged in the story's roleplaying. Back-stories should be submitted to the GM as soon as possible with your character information. If possible, back-stories will be woven into the main plot.

The main story will consist of many story arcs, with a main story unfolding slowly. The campaign is built with expansion in mind. Characters can expect that the campaign's characters will reach about Level 8, perhaps higher. This is done so that the characters may be re-used for future campaigns in this world. Using this supplement, and future supplements, other GMs may run their own campaigns in this world if they so choose.

The game will begin play in a tavern in Raviga. How or why your character is there is up to the player, and one should try to incorporate that into their backstory.

Campaign Supplement: Items

Tactia is home to many items that are not found on most other game worlds. This is a list of items that you can find in most places in Tactia (and therefore, spend character-starting gold on):


Pink (10 gp) - Pink is a highly explosive, highly alcoholic, and highly poisonous substance discovered through an insane alchemical experiment. Those who drink Pink are poisoned (6 rounds, DC 19 Fort saves, 1d6 Con damage / round, 2 saves cure). Further, those who drink pink must succeed on a DC 25 Fortitude save or become intoxicated for 1 hour. Intoxicated characters receive -2 on all attack, skill, and save rolls. Pink may also be thrown at enemies. Pink counts as a grenade weapon and requires a ranged touch attack. Once Pink is contacted by a flame or spark, it will explode, dealing 3d6 Fire damage to all within 10 feet of the substance. Unless the subject is drenched in Pink, those affected get a DC 15 Reflex save to take half damage.

Purple (100 gp) - Purple is a substance that allows a spellcaster to restore a spell that he already used. Purple cannot restore spells higher than Level 2. Purple is slightly poisonous, one can only drink three bottles in a 24 hour period. For each use after the 3rd within a span of 24 hours, the user takes 2d6 Con damage.

Pistol Gun (100 gp) - Dmg (S): 2d6, Dmg (M): 2d8, Critical: x4, Range: 60 ft., Weight: 2 lbs, Type: B and P. Special: Pistols are an exotic ranged weapon that uses one hand. They are a metallic contraption created by gangs in Raviga due to their strong damage potential. Pistol guns carry only a single shot, and it takes a standard action to reload. Pistol guns are wildly inaccurate. Every 10 feet the target is away from the user, the user takes a -1 penalty on attack rolls with the Pistol Gun.
Pistol Bullets, 10 (1gp)
Gunpowder, 10 (1gp)

Campaign Supplement: Prestige Classes

Prestige Classes are great tools to really customize one's character. Prestige classes have the bonuses of being unique and really enhances character specialization. One goal of a prestige class is to fit a specific role in a campaign setting. Therefore, It is not unusual for worlds to have their own specific Prestige classes. The following prestige classes are legal to play in Tactia games.

Thain Knight

To be a Thain Knight is the highest honor a warrior can receive in the Thain Republic. The Thain Knights were created to be the perfect soldier, and to protect the Thain government at all costs. To achieve that purpose, Thain Knights are blindly loyal. Implanted in their mind is a powerful magical curse that can only be removed by a Thain senator. The curse has mind-affecting powers that causes the affected to blindly follow orders of a Thain Senator, provided such an order does not bring jeopardy to Thais. Thain Knights are among the dark side of the Republic, doing what needs to be done to preserve the peace.

Hit Die: 1d10
Skill Points / Level: 2 + Int modifier

Level B.A.B Fort Ref Will Special 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
1st (+1) 2 1 0 No will, Poison Use - - - -
2nd (+2) 3 1 0 Frightful 0 - - -
3rd (+3) 3 1 0 Valorian Blessing, Mighty Swing 2d6 0 - - -
4th (+4) 4 2 0 Fighter Bonus Feat 1 0 - -
5th (+5) 4 2 0 Mighty Swing 4d6 1 0 - -
6th (+6) 5 2 1 Blood Use 1 1 0 -
7th (+7) 5 3 1 Mighty Swing 6d6 2 1 0 -
8th (+8) 6 3 1 Fighter Bonus Feat 2 1 1 0
9th (+9) 6 3 1 Mighty Swing 8d6 2 2 1 0
10th (+10) 7 4 2 Thain Bane 3 2 1 1


Alignment: Any Lawful
B.A.B +5
5 ranks of Knowledge - Thais
5 ranks of Knowledge - Nobility
5 ranks of Intimidate
5 ranks of Concentration
Proficiency with all material weapons and heavy armor.
To complete a task given by a Thain Senator after being Knighted.


No Will (Su): The Thain Knight does not get Will saves against senators of Thais, and must obey all commands by Thain senators that does not endanger the Thain Republic. Thain Knights cannot attack Thain Senators, under any circumstances.

Poison Use: Thain Knights are skilled in the use of poison and never risk accidentally poisoning themselves when applying poison to a blade.

Frightful (Su): The Thain Knight gets +2 competence bonus on Intimidate checks. The Thain Knight also gets a +2 bonus to Will saves against fear abilities.

Thain Blessing (Su): The Thain Knight applies his Charisma modifier (if positive) as a bonus on all saving throws.

Mighty Swing: When making a single attack during a Full Attack, the Thain Knight gets extra damage on that attack by focusing.

Blood Use: Thain Knights may put blood on their weapons to add Bane to their weapons for 1d4 rounds. The type of bane is equal to the type of blood put on the weapon.

Thain Bane (Su): The Thain Knight gets an extra 1d10 damage against all attacks against enemies who are not Thain.


Thain Knights cast divine spells and can cast spontaneously (The Thain Knight does not need to prepare spells). The Thain Knight receives bonus spells daily based upon his Charisma score.

1st Level
cause fear, corrupt weapon, cure light wounds, doom, inflict light wounds, magic weapon, summon monster I*.
2nd Level
bull’s strength, cure moderate wounds, darkness, death knell, eagle’s splendor, inflict moderate wounds, shatter, summon monster II*.
3rd Level
contagion, cure serious wounds, deeper darkness, inflict serious wounds, protection from energy, summon monster III*.
4th Level


Not too long ago, the Amazon women were a fierce warrior class of Carlin. They were feared throughout the land for their amazing battle potential. Now, their legacy only exists north in the swamps of Venore and in some rogue Carlin individuals. Still, even in these dark times, Amazons are a force to be reckoned with and very few go up against them with a prayer of survival.

Hit Die: 1d12
Skill Points: 4 + Int Modifier

Level B.A.B Fort Ref Will Special
1st (+1) 2 2 0 Improved two-handed fighting, Battle cry, Cry of power
2nd (+2) 3 3 0 Ambush
3rd (+3) 3 3 1 Damage Reduction 1 / adamantine
4th (+4) 4 4 1 Cry of vengeance
5th (+5) 4 4 1 Malebane
6th (+6) 5 5 2
Damage Reduction 2 / adamantine
7th (+7) 5 5 2
Cry of pain
8th (+8) 6 6 2 Elfbane
9th (+9) 6 6 3 Damage Reduction 3 / adamantine
10th (+10) 7 7 3
Cry of victory


Gender: Female
Alignment: Any Non-Evil
Proficiency with any two-handed martial or exotic weapon
+5 B.A.B.
Required Feats: Cleave, Power Attack
Has slain an enemy of Carlin


Improved Two-handed Fighting (Ex): At the first level, the Amazon gets a +1 on attack rolls made with two-handed melee weapons and adds double her Strength modifier to two-handed melee weapon attacks (this replaces the normal bonus of 1.5 times her strength).

Battle cry (Su): At first level, a number of rounds per day equal to 3 + her amazon level + her Constitution modifier, the Amazon may yell out loudly, affecting all who hear her. To begin a cry is a move or standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity, but it can be maintained in following rounds using a swift action. The effect depends on the cry power used. Cry powers are as follows:

Cry of power (1st level): Allies (including herself) who hear this cry get a +4 boost to Strength for as long as they can hear the cry.

Cry of vengeance (4th level): Enemies who hear this cry must succeed on a DC 15 Will save (this counts as fear) for each round they hear this cry or become Frightened.

Cry of pain (7th Level): Enemies who attack Allies (including herself) who can hear this cry provoke attack of opportunities when attacking with melee or natural weapons.

Cry of victory (10th Level): Allies (including herself) who hear this cry double their weapon's critical range, confirm critical hits automatically, and move their critical modifier one higher than it is normally (So an x2 weapon becomes x3, an x3 weapon becomes x4, and so on).

Ambush (Ex): At the second level, amazons become better at surrounding enemies. When she receives a flanking bonus, her flanking bonus is increased to a +4.

Damage Reduction (Ex): An amazon of level 3 or higher is so tough and battle-hardened that she can shake off physical damage. Adamantine weapons are so hard they negate this damage reduction. This type of damage reduction stacks with the Barbarian's damage reduction.

Malebane (Ex): At 5th level, the amazon knows how to combat males due to specialized training. All attacks with weapons she uses does an extra 2d6 damage against male humanoids.

Elfbane (Ex): At the 8th level, Amazons know how to battle their blood enemy, the elves of Ab'Dendriel with great proficiency due to specialized training. All attacks with weapons she uses does an extra 2d6 against Elves and Half-elves. This ability stacks with Malebane.


Theives and gang members within Ravaga have found the newly invented Pistol gun extremely useful in gang wars and raids. For that reason, there are some who seek to maximize its potential. Those people are the Crackshots. Whether they are an elite warrior in an organized gang, or an independent assassin or bounty hunter, Crackshots control the battlefield with their amazing abilities with Pistol guns. They rely on the advanced technology to overwhelm opponents, and is a potent ally... or enemy.

Hit Die: 1d8
Skill Points: 6 + Int Modifier

Level B.A.B Fort Ref Will Special
1st (+1) 0 2 1 Quick Draw, Double Shot, Produce Gunpowder
2nd (+2) 0 2 1 Evasion, Proficiency with Grenade-like weapons
3rd (+3) 1 2 1 Quick Reload, Extra movement +10 feet
4th (+3) 1 3 1 Skirmish +1d6
5th (+4) 1 3 1 Bonus feat
6th (+5) 2 4 2

7th (+6) 2 4 2
Extra movement +20 feet
8th (+6) 2 5 2 Skirmish +2d6
9th (+7) 2 5 2 Pistol Overload
10th (+8) 2 6 3
Sniper, Bonus feat


Dexterity of 16
5 ranks in Hide
5 ranks in Move Silently
Two Weapon Fighting feat
Proficiency in Guns (Pistol)


Quick Draw (Ex): At the first level, the Crackshot can equip a Pistol as a free action. De-equpping an item still requires a Move action, however.

Double Shot (Ex): At the first level, when duel-wielding Pistol guns, the Crackshot can make an attack with both hands as a Standard Action (instead of a Full-Round action).

Produce Gunpowder (Ex): A crackshot of the first level can craft Gunpowder with improvised materials. She must take 20 minutes per gunpowder shot to manufacture the gunpowder.

Evasion (Ex): At 2nd level and higher, a Crackshot can avoid even magical and unusual attacks with great agility. If she makes a successful Reflex saving throw against an attack that normally deals half damage on a successful save, she instead takes no damage. Evasion can be used only if the Crackshot is wearing light armor or no armor. A helpless Crackshot does not gain the benefit of evasion.

Extra Movement: At 3rd and 7th level, the Crackshot's movement increases by 10 feet. This bonus movement does not apply if the Crackshot is wearing medium or heavy armor.

Quick Reload (Ex): At the third level, the Crackshot can reload pistol Guns as a swift action.

Skirmish (Ex): The Crackshot of Level 4 or higher does extra damage when she moves at least 10 feet in a single round.

Bonus Feats: A crackshot can select any feat for her bonus feats.

Pistol Overload (Su): A number of times per day equal to 3 + her Intelligence modifier, a Crackshot of 9th level or higher can rig a pistol using a Full-Round action to explode when thrown (the pistol then counts as a grenade-weapon). To do this, the Crackshot must use two uses of Gunpowder. Once a pistol is rigged, it cannot be shot unless it is unrigged, which is also a Full-Round action. The pistol will do 3d6 +4 fire damage on a successful hit.

Sniper (Ex): A crackshot of the 10th level ignores range penalty when shooting pistol Guns.

Gifted Child (or Young Adult, or Adult.. or Senior Citizen... basically, the Billy class)

Link to the Billy Class

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