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Thursday, November 17, 2011

American Football Simulator, Distribution 2011.3

NOTICE: This version of the AFS is OUTDATED. Please look for the new version at thekillernacho.blogspot.com under the "American Football Simulator" label.

American Football Simulator version 2011.3 is ready to be released. As usual, there is a lot of minor new additions as well as fixes to the previous (now outdated) 2011.2 version. Below is the completed changelog. What are you waiting for? Download the complete application & source code at the bottom of this post!

2011.3 Changes
  • New Configuration settings:
    • “Coach Mod”, which affects how much coaches influence players. The higher it is, the more the Coach affects. If set to 0, coaches affect no players. (Default: 1)
    • “Play Selection Mod” which influences AI play selection, can be positive or negative. If positive, running plays will be more frequent. If negative, passing plays will be more frequent. (Default: 0)
    • “Player Decay” is a double value that affects how quickly players get “worn down”. Recommended to be set to 0 if game Time is very large. (Default: 1.0)
    • “Season Loop” is a Season config setting. It will cause the schedule to “loop”. For example, if set to 2, each team will play its schedule twice, causing a 32-game (34-week) season. (Default: 1)
    • “Draft AI” is a constant that determines Season Draft's AI. The larger the number, the weaker the AI. (Default: 15)
  • Games can now be played in a Stadium of another team. To do this, in the New Game menu, select “Custom Field” under “Stadium”. Once other settings are selected, hit “Begin Game”, and you will be asked to load the team which contains the Stadium you want to play in. For example, if you wanted to play a game at Arrowhead Stadium, load the Kansas City Chiefs.
    • These games will act as “No Advantage” games for the home team. This means they will not get homefield advantage while playing.
    • In a Default 2011 season schedule, National games are added. (CHI@TB at Wimbley Field, WAS@BUF at the Rogers Centre). Also, the Super Bowl will be played in Lucas Oil Stadium. This will only occur if doing a 2011 schedule season with default teams. Did not add this to 2010 or 2009 schedules, but will likely add it to 2012 schedule.
  • When playing a game, you can have the AI select your play for you by clicking “Auto-Select”.
  • When getting Game Predictions, one can now select how accurate the Prediction (before, it always simulated 1,000 games). Very accurate predictions can take a long time, however, since the AFS simulates a lot of games (10,000 games for the most accurate).
  • Increased AI in drafts, play selection.
  • Season Drafts now will ask the user if they wish to include Free Agent players & coaches.
  • Changed NFL2011 folder to simply NFL, re-added older season schedules to Season Mode (however, it will use 2011 rosters unless otherwise specified).
  • Updated rosters for Week 11 in the NFL (does not include injuries).
  • New Fun Teams added.
  • Added a “Retired” folder for Players and Coaches to store Player and Coach files who are no longer in the NFL.
  • A number of small bugfixes / roster fixes.
  • Updated the simulation engine slightly for more accurate simulations.
  • Some GUI improvements.
    • Organized Configuration menu better.
    • While playing / watching a game, you can now view current game stats by clicking “Game Stats” button. Previously, you had to wait until the game was over to see the game's stats.
    • New season draft speed values.
  • League test feature ... While in debug mode, one can “Load League” while selecting Custom Teams for a season. You will be asked for a League File (.lea). Currently, there is no way to save League files (hense, it is a test feature) but you can create them manually. To manually create a League file, create a new text file with an .lea extension, placing each team path you want to be in the league on each line (32 teams, every 4 teams are in a division, every 16 teams are in a conference). For an example on how to do this, see “Data\Teams\Fun Teams\Fun Season.lea”.

1. Because the AFS is written in Java, you will need to make sure you have the most recent Java Runtimes installed on your computer here.
2. Extract the zip file to where you want the AFS to be installed.
3. You should be able to run the AFS simply by running "RunMe.jar" in the AFS's main directory. Also, if you want to create a shortcut, create a shortcut to this file.
4. If this doesn't work, try running "DebugMode.bat".
5. If there are any other problems, feel free to contact me at timothyjsharpe@yahoo.com.



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