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Welcome to the blog of The Killer Nacho, known to most mortals as Timothy J. Sharpe, a Computer Science graduate of Messiah College and currently a Systems Analyst for Sunoco Logistics. Within this tome of pages, one will find my innermost thoughts about various things concerning things that I enjoy. These subjects include, but are not limited to, roleplaying, gaming, American Football (the NFL), things to do with computers, philosophy, movies that are awesome, TV shows that are awesome, my own writings and creative works, and dangerous Mexican snacks.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Coffee is...

A cup of delicious coffee.
calming, soothing, pleasing, pleasant, settling, relieving, warm, hot, energizing, animating, rejuvenating, refreshing, serious, free, thirst-quenching, stimulating, empowering, strengthening, all-powerful, invigorating, exhilarating, comforting, sympathetic, mending, vitalizing, aiding, relieving, remedy, nourishing, caffeinated, bitter, dark, black, delicious, fine, savory, yummy, tasty, scrumptious, rich, pure, whole, joyous, charismatic, majestic, benevolent, awesome, magnificent, mind-blowing, eye-opening, magical, spirited, mystic, uncanny, strange, unusual, weird, wonderful, remarkable, good, amazing, excellent, superb, terrific, astonishing, miraculous, holy, divine, wondrous, great, extraordinary, faithful, otherworldly, different, intellectual, dear, precious, blessed, glorified, worshiped, tremendous, splendid, delighting, enjoyable, fun, outstanding, amusing, friendly, attractive, charming, fascinating, enchanting, entertaining, thrilling, social, universal, eternal, modern, novel, adored, esteemed, admired, loved, liked, popular, famous, infamous, lonely, lively, addictive, craving, coveted, yearned-for, required, preferred, necessary, casual, undeniable, worthwhile, influential, advantageous, beneficial, essential, imperative, meaningful, monumental, significant, vital, constructive, life-changing, awakening, inspiring, thoughtful, provoking, revolutionary, memorable, touching affectionate, priceless, prized, cherished, valuable, invaluable, appreciated, wanted, fancy, worthy, important, rewarding, habitual, daily, life, mind, body, soul, research, paper-writing, projects, studying, tests, exploration, enterprise, work, recreation, sports, games, energy, power, strength, freedom, health, will, reflex, living, lively, awake, alive.

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