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Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Youtube Channel

As some of you know (and others don't), I actually was quite popular on Youtube for awhile posting Pokemon battle videos, up until the point I decided to no longer post. Decided to do one last "dedication" to it here on my blog. Unless I ever decide to start posting again (which is a possibility, I've been itching to post a Final Fantasy Tactics playthrough up... although I'm done with Pokemon). Anyway, here is a collection of my favorite videos I've ever posted.

First of all, from my main channel, The Killer Nacho, the thing that made me popular to begin with. The epic "Magikarp sweep".

And of course, its prequel, the Magikarp metronome battle:

Of course, I also posted legitimate battles. For some reason this was the most popular of those. Pokemon is actually quite a deep game... but not too deep. I guess this can be considered a "standard battle". Its a very close battle with a reallife friend, GMo Morales.

And of course, who could ever forget this?

I also had a side channel, TheKillerDorito in which I posted other things, mostly playthroughs. I completed playthroughs of Pokemon Crystal and Fire Red. And unfortunately never finished my Heart Gold or Chrono Trigger playthrough. Also some interesting things were posted on this channel like my Anti-Pikachu game:

And some Final Fantasy Tactics battles:

I had a lot of fun, and unfortunately I didn't quite finish everything, like the Chrono Trigger playthrough, Heart Gold playthrough, and my Roleplaying Guide. But now it is all over, or is it? ;)

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