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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shout out: WalterFootball.com


A website I've been reading for awhile now, decided to share it with you all. This guy is a genious and very knowledgeable about football. He does great humerous power rankings, mock drafts, and good picks each week (especially for those who are interested in betting on football games). Here is a taste of what you will find on this website:
I'm proud of myself. I managed not to vomit while listening to Bob Papa, Joe Theismann and Matt Millen during the Bengals-Jets broadcast. I was so worried Cincinnati would pull off the backdoor cover, that I barely paid attention to them. Oh, and all the turkey I ate essentially put me into a coma.

Unfortunately, I may not be as distracted this Thursday. Here's a preview of what this Eagles-Texans game will sound like:

Bob Papa: LeSean McElroy takes a carry up to the Houston Astros' 40. First down, Philadelphia Phillies!

Joe Theismann: Look at the block by Winston Justice. Matt, that could easily be you out there because you're just as fat as Winston.

Matt Millen: You see that play? I want you to watch this. Winston Justice makes a block here. And you see that? That's what they call a block in the NFL. That's when the offensive lineman blocks a defensive player, and allows his teammate to get upfield.

Joe Theismann: I talked to Marty Mornhinweg, offensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles, and he told me that LeSean McCoy is a great player because he runs fast. That's what makes LeSean McCoy a great running back.

Bob Papa: Donovan McNabb back to pass, hits DeSean Johnson for a first down into Philadelphia Flyers territory! Now that's what you call a complete-complete pass.

Joe Theismann: And that's OK!

Matt Millen: You see that play? I want you to watch this. DeSean Jackson makes the catch here. And then he moves... he moves down the field about 10 or so yards after he was contacted. That's why they call that yards after contact because... because he got yardage after the contact.

Joe Theismann: Hey Matt, how many DeSean Jacksons do you think you could fit into your mouth? Ten? Fifty? I'm saying this because he's small and you're fat.

Can I go back to my turkey coma please?
 Check his website out, you won't regret it.

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