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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pikachu Genocide: Duel Game

Gotta kill 'em all!


Most of my followers on Youtube will like this post. After promising to do so years ago, I finally got around to editing the "Anti-Pikachu" game I made for school, displayed below, into a release version:

Two things differ from the demo in the above video. First, the above demo was of the single-player version, in which players simply shoot Pikachus as they go across the screen. However, I modified the project into a 2-player game for a later assignment in the same class and unfortunately, I could no longer locate the 1-player version of the game. Also, I decided I wanted to release a version which used Keyboard controls rather than Joystick, since few people have two Joysticks available.

The Game

Do you hate Pikachu? Well then, it's time for you to become an official Pikachu hunter! Pikachu Genocide is a simple two-player game, written in Java, in which rival Pikachu hunters fight to be considered the best Pikachu hunter of all time! Protect your turf by slaying the Pikachus (and perhaps a few other Pokemon who try to invade) while buying power-ups and other Pokemon to invade your opponent! The last man standing wins.
Screenshot of the gameplay.

The goal is to kill all the Pokemon that are running left to right on your side of the screen before they escape. If they manage to escape, you lose a life! Meanwhile, you can buy power-ups, extra ammo, or even send Pokemon to the opponent's side with the money you earn for each kill. The goal of the game is to reduce your opponent's Lives to 0, while staying alive yourself!


  1. Because Pikachu Genocide is written in Java, if you don't already have it, download the latest Java Runtimes here.
  2. Extract the Pikachu Genocide.zip file to the location you wish to put the game.
  3. You should be able to run "RunMe.jar" in the Pikachu Genocide main directory (Jar is the Java equivalent of an Exe). You can also make a shortcut to this file and use the provided icon in that folder.
  4. If RunMe.jar doesn't work, try running "DebugMode.bat" instead.
  5. If you have any other problems, feel free to contact me at timothyjsharpe@yahoo.com.

As mentioned above, I scrapped the Joystick controls and enabled Keyboard controls for this release version. Below are the controls for each player:

ACTION Player One Player Two
Aim Up Up Arrow E key
Aim Down Down Arrow D key
Aim Left Left Arrow S key
Aim Right Right Arrow F key
Fire Gun Ctrl key Z key

To buy a power up, simply move your cross-hair to the corresponding button on the top of your screen, and fire on it.

Player Values

Each player has the following:

LIVES: At the beginning of the game, your Lives start at 5. When an enemy Pokemon goes unkilled, you lose 1 Life! When you reach 0, you lose the game!

CASH: You get cash by killing enemy Pokemon! Spend this cash on Power-ups! You start with $10. Do with it what you will.

AMMO: Your ammo starts at 20 and regenerates very slowly, so use it wisely! It regenerates slightly slower than the number of Pikachus that automatically spawn, so don't forget to stock up on Ammo during play!

Power Ups

Below is all the power ups players can buy:

AMMO ($1): Running low on Ammo? No matter! Here you can buy a clip of 5 rounds for a mere $1.

EXTRA LIFE ($10): Let's face it... at some point, a Pokemon is going to sneak by, despite your ace skills! Good thing you can buy an extra life here for a mere $10.

NUKE ($20): So... the enemy thought they could send a massive attack force to overwhelm you, did they? Luckily, you have a trick up your sleeve. The nuke is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal, and will kill all Pokemon on your screen instantly. It has a high cost, however, so use it only when you need it!

Below is the different Pokemon you can send at your opponent:

PIKACHU ($2): Attempt to give your opponent problems by giving them too many enemies to handle! Use this to send an extra Pikachu at them!

RAICHU ($4): Pikachu's evolved form is a bit tougher... not that it takes much to be tougher than a puny Pikachu. These fat orange rats will take two hits to kill!

PONYTA ($6): Ponyta is a really fast Pokemon! It moves at nearly double the speed that Pikachu does, making it quite annoying. It costs three times as much, however.

BLISSEY ($6): This fat pink Pokemon is a real pain! At least you can do is make it a pain for your opponent! These bad girls take four shots to take down, making them the sturdiest attackers in the game.

MACHOP ($6): Machop is much stronger than the ordinary Pikachu! When Machop escapes your opponent, he takes two lives instead of one!


So what are you waiting for, Pikachu hunters? Download below, grab a friend, and send some Pikachus to hell. ;)

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