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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pokebattles Flare Version: Archive


Quite some time ago, I became enamored with a Pokemon parody known as Pokebattles (www.pokebattles.com) by Jason Ross. Much like others, I decided to write a few of my own, which turned into my own "Version", Flare Version. While a lot of it was amateurish due to my young age, I've decided to re-write it (and thereby improving the quality) and post it here on my blog for others to enjoy.

Some people requested an archive page, since blogspot uses reverse-chronological order, making it hard to navigate sometime. If one bookmarks this page, I will update it each time a new segment is posted.

Season One

Battles 1 - 5: Beginnings and Evolutions
Battles 1 through 5 begin the Kanto saga, starting with a young Pokemon trainer Rikks and his rival Vikks, who just began their Flare Version adventure. These two trainers compete with eachother and meet some pretty strange enemies and have strange encounters within our first five episodes, with a plot twist coming at the end during Battle 5. Without further adieu, enjoy!

Battles 6 - 10: Tensions Rising
Battles 6 to 10 feature mainly Rikks and Vikks attempting to gain power through alliances. Vikks allies himself with the evil Chris we met in the previous battles and a strange Zombie known as Da Zombie Man. To fight off this evil, Rikks finds unlikely allies of his own (one an act of divine intervention).

Battles 11 - 15: Minor Shenanigans
After Battle #11, the Flare Version universe settles down again and things can get back on track, with various characters getting spotlight for their Shenanigans. Rikks returns to his quest collecting the Kanto badges, Chris continues his quest to uh, become a maniac, and Da Zombie Man forms an interesting relationship with everyone's favorite all-powerful booming voice in the sky. 

Battles 16 - 20: The Searching
Battles 16 through 20 seem to all focus on searching of some kind. Reece Benlier is searching for Da Zombie Man (who is, in turn, searching for Brains) to get rid of him once and for all. Jessie is searching for James, who just betrayed Team Rocket. Rikks is searching for the Gym Leader, and Vikks is searching for a way to get Rikks out of prison (a bit of a spoiler?). The last battle, #20, features Rikks searching for a way to get his Charcoal back. Will any of these brave adventurers get what they seek? We'll see.

Battles 21 - 25: Darkness Approaching
In Battles 21 through 25, two major things happen. One, Rikks goes on a quest to defeat Sabrina, the leader of Saffron City. The other thing is a new invincible villain appears in the Flare Version universe and Vikks finally gets a victory over Rikks... what kind of new crazy villain is this? Find out!

Battles 26 - 30: Vikks and Vick
If you like Rikks' rival Vikks and hoped he would get more battles, this is a good series for you. A lot of the battles revolve around Vikks (or a body part of him). We are also introduced to Michael Vick, a football player who somehow got transported to Flare Version (the poor soul). At least he has some Dogfighting experience to fall back on.

Battles 31 - 35: New Ideas
In Battles 31 to 35, new ideas and concepts are entering Flare Version for the first time. In Battle #32, Michael Vick invents a new sport, PokeBall, and in Battle #33, a new main character and protagonist, Sal, appears for the first time. Sal comes from the Hoenn region, to investigate the strange reports coming from the Kanto region... Battle #35 is a special battle originally written on Halloween featuring an old forgotten extra, Duggy, in his quest to be a main character (although admittedly it kind of rips off a popular Red Version special, oh well).

Battles 36 - 40: Pokemon League Preparations
Battles 36-40 are the last few battles featuring the main characters before the Pokemon League arc, which concludes Season 1 of Pokebattles Flare Version. Rikks and Vikks both struggle to get the things they need to qualify for the event, while Sal continues his quest to find the evil source of the evil Narrator & Webmaster. Battle 40 is a special battle, the first of a tradition to revive one dead character every 40 battles.

Battles 41 - 45: The Immortal Heart
Before the Pokemon League (which starts at the end of this segment in Battle 45), we get a subplot featuring a few under-used characters led by Reece Benlier in their quest to stop Vikks' Heart (which unintentionally became immortal). Can the minor characters possibly resist this threat? Find out! This segment also features an actual parody battle, #43, a break from the more serious plot, in which the popular chat AI Smarter Child enters the Flare Version world...

Battles 46 - 50: The End?
Battles 46 through 50 are all Pokemon League matches, which started last time with Battle 45. The Pokemon League all seems to be going pretty smoothly until the Season Finale, Battle #50, where something happens that will change Flare Version forever. Could this be the end of Flare Version? Well I suppose you'll have to read and decided for yourself...

Season Two

Battles 51 - 55: Doomed Hoenn
Season 2 of PokeBattles Flare Version starts off with a two-part episode of the Main characters and their Quest to find a way out of Black Version, which is basically PokeHell. After that, since Kanto has been completely destroyed, our heroes find themselves in Sal's homeland of Hoenn. But they also accidentally released the evil Narrator and Webmaster, so the same thing that happened to Kanto could happen to Hoenn! These first Season 2 battles set up the season and allow things to get back to "normal".

Battles 56 - 60: Cult Blitz
A new group emerges in Battle #57 by James (inspired by Yami Yugi). The powerful Cult Moto, with its dozens of followers, seeks to find and destroy the evil Webmaster KillerNacho at all costs! Will they succeed? And how will the history of this new cult develop? Most of the battles in this series focus around Yami James and his new cult, so you need to read to find out!

Battles 61 - 65: Spanky's Empire
These five battles all feature a new threat to enter Flare Version, an ambitious Clown named Spanky. Seeking what most lunatic villains seem to seek, world domination, Spanky quickly obtains an army and conquers the known world. Will our heroes be able to come together and stop this new threat? There's only one way to find out... unless you like being under the rule of a crazy clown... Just read, damnit!

Battles 66 - 70: The Adventures of Supermon
For battles 66 through 68, we get a secret look at the life of the newest hero in Flare Version, a super-hero named Supermon! If you haven't already figured it out, his secret identity is revealed as well as the every-day life and struggles and battles of a Super hero. It's not easy being a Super hero in Flare Version, after all, damn it! Finally, Rikks and the gang has an interesting encounter in battle 69, followed by a special battle originally written for Thanksgiving for Battle 70.

Battles 71 - 75: Another Region Bites the Dust
That's right. These five battles chronicle the last days of Hoenn, as surprising villain (and a not-so-surprising one) rise up and accidentally trigger its destruction. As with the destruction of Kanto, however, Flare Version lives on. Any survivors of this apocalypse are teleported to an even stranger region called Sinnoh. Finally, in Battle 75, something happens that may change the Flare Version universe forever!

Battles 76 - 80: Emperors and Religions
Battles 76 - 80 mark the first Flare Version battles in Sinnoh, featuring a cast of mostly new characters. Our story begins with Professor Rowan deciding to make a religion out of Rikks' crucifixion at the hands of Chris the Giant Doombot. Meanwhile, the Giant Doombot clashes with a local Emperor for control of the region. This series is concluded with Battle 80, which is a Black Version resurrection battle. That should have a meaningful impact, right? Another thing worth noting is that these are the final battles of the original Flare Version. From now on, Flare Version content will be completely new. Hope you continue to enjoy!

Battles 81 - 85: Flare Trek
Introduce more characters while other characters continue to be neglected... Why not? In Battle 82, the Flare Version world is visited by Explorers from the U.S.S. Enterprise. When the evil Narrator abducts Jean-Luc Picard, Worf, Data, and Riker, will they be able to figure a way back to their ship? ...Of course not, but they can try for the sake of our entertainment. While trying to find a way off this alien world, they also have some run-ins with the newly allied Empire that is wrecking havoc on Sinnoh...

Battles 86 - 90: Rampage of Professor Doom
This set of battles isn't yet finished, but so far, it seems Professor Doom is going on a rampage, killing minor characters left and right...

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